Avoiding Another Lecture

I got spoken to last night because Randy thinks I don’t update my blog enough. He’s right. I attempted to defend myself by saying that nothing exciting has been happening so I was having trouble coming up with topics to write about. He pretty much said that it didn’t stop me mebore so shut the hell up and start typing.

So, here goes…random experiences and thoughts in my head since the last I posted.

1 – I used the Wii Fit for the first time in, gasp, 217 days. I hate that the damn thing reminds you of how lazy you’ve been. I’ve also managed to take a negative and turn it into a positive: it said I’d gained 3 pounds….but I was relieved that it was only 3 pounds since I was expecting more! Even bad news can brighten my day!

2 – I’ve enver seen this before but there’s this bizarre moth thing going on right now. Our front door is covered with them and I couldn’t figure it out. But then I saw a report on the news the other night that certain towns north of Boston (including Arlington) are having a problem with moths that came out as it started getting colder and who won’t disappear until the first substantial snow fall. Super. Our white front door looks so ghetto.

3 – I had a dream about Bowzer (from Sha Na Na) the other night. But it wasn’t the Bowzer from his skinny 1970’s hey-day, it was the current slightly overweight version I saw on an informercial the other day. It wasn’t an erotic dream, but he did kiss me.

4 – I’m still scootering to work these past few weeks despite the rain and cooler temperatures. I started getting the T-pass for next month so let’s see how long this lasts. I’m not really minding the temperatures (in a way, it’s refreshing), but I have noticed on my new commuter that despite their being clearly marked bike lanes up and down Mass Ave, certain drivers seem to pretend they don’t exist. There are the double parkers, the truck-unloaders, the cars that swerve into them while chatting on the phone or drinking coffee. But then, scariest of all, are the MBTA bus drivers who in the past week alone have nearly killed me twice as I’m beside them (practically to the front door) when they start merging into the bike lane for a bus stop that’s ahead. They don’t even look sometimes!  When I’ve been a passenger on the bus I’ve seen this happen to cyclists… a lot.

5 – Christmas music is offically acceptable now. Though, truth be told, I began playing it on my iTunes around November 1.

6 – What’s all this hoopla about Adam Lambert? His singing was mediocre at best, but the theatrics were the most interesting part of the show. More erotic things have happened in the past that haven’t ended up with a performer being dis-invited to another show (GMA). Remember Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” performance at the MTC Video Awards when she rolled around in a see-thru wedding dress simulating an orgasm? Or how about Michael Jackson in everything since 1983 where he constantly thrusts grabs his crotch? Or Madonna, Britney, and Christina making out at another awards show? And some of these were 25 years ago. Adam Lambert did nothing different – it’s good old-fashioned rock-n-roll shock (or shlock). Besides, this aired at nearly 11PM on a school night. It’s not like it was a commercial break on PBS during Sesame Street.

7 – Harvard gave us pies to say thank you for our service over the past year. I’m trying to figure out how  to get it home with my scooter. I’m thinking I’ll putit on the place where my feet go and dangle my feet on the side. Classy…and safe!

8 – I finally booked us a room near Death Valley this week. I’d been putting it off because everything I’ve found online looks like a trailer park. Seriously, numerous properties put you up in trailers or “cabins” which look like shanty town rejects of corrugated metal.

8 – And now we’re trying to plan our next trip. 2010 is going to be an interesting year for us travel- wise. Randy will achieve Platinum status for life (since he’ll have flown 2,000,000 miles on American over his lifetime). So now he wants to use that perk to build a profile on United (apparently you can ask United to match the benefit so that you’ll use them from now on). On top of that, we’ve got $300 worth of vouchers (each) on Air France/KLM that we have to use by the end of spring. And I’ve got United miles expiring by March.  Randy wants to go to Chile, but United and Air France won’t get us there. He’s also likely to go to Asia on business a few times (and I plan on tagging along this time). So, I guess we need to prioritize so that we an use the expiring miles for one trip, the expiring $300 for another trip, and at the same time boost his profile on United.

9 – The toenail from hell is still black. It first became bruised in April when Randy’s Diet Coke fell on my flip-flopped toe. That ugly bruise lasted under my toenail for 7  months. Just as it was about to fall off, I dropped a shudder on the same toe while doing home improvements. That nasty looking bruise appears now about 1/4 the way up my nail. It’s got a long way to go…hopefully it’ll be gone by summer.

10 – Who in their right mind would install off-white carpets?  The previous owners did just that on the stairs and at the bedrooms and office. It shows everything. Even if they’re not stains, it just shows every piece of black sock lint, every crumb, every smudge of dirt. Everything. I feel like I have to vacuum (or walk around pick sock lint up) daily to make it look presentable.

11 – Randy is gone again. I drove him to the airport this morning so he could spend Thanksgiving with his family. Sigh. I was kinda’ getting used to him around the house.

12 – I went shopping last weekend. It’s so rare for me, but I had a coupon at Macy’s so after purging my older clothes to move into the new place. I ended up coming home with 9 shirts for about $160. Randy bought 2.

13 – I love Glee. Puck is dreamy.

14 – Oh, you know how I mentioned that I used Wii Fit for the first time in 217 days? Well, I feel it today. I did the step aerobics for 45 minutes, but finished off the hour doing the most painful of Wii exercises: the hulu hoop. Regrets? I have a few.

And there you…random musings. So comment, dammit. Give me a reason to blog more frequently.


  1. Comment by randy on November 26, 2009 2:16 am

    Whats up with the old pics? Why not a new one to mark the beginning of Wii Fit season?
    Thanks for the ramblings.. FUN. Wish you were here in Noke with me.

  2. Comment by Mark on November 26, 2009 8:00 am

    Rambling is fun – even if you did it under duress. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Comment by deano on November 26, 2009 8:46 am

    nbsp;Hmmm….comments he wants. Okay all, let’s give him comments!!

    Yeah, the damn moths….they are everywhere around my house here. Maybe they will combine and become on giant moth (Mothra) and attack humanity??? (okay, so I watched Mothra vs Godzilla last night on cable so that is where my mind went with the moth reference.)

    Wii fit…I got it and have yet to open it….so, I am worse then you!!

    And yes, it is okay to listen to Christmas music now…..

  4. Comment by Jeffrey on November 27, 2009 5:25 pm

    Regarding number 7, you should be able to fit a pie there and have a little room for you feet. There are two number 8’s, and what happens when any of those airlines goes under or merges. Finally, that’s a totally bad ass picture of you. Must have been taken in Hyannis, as there’s graffiti.

  5. Comment by Melody on November 30, 2009 10:37 am

    Thanks Randy for making Karl blog more. I was beginning to think he wasn’t going to write ever again. 🙂

  6. Comment by Randy on November 30, 2009 10:44 am

    Lets hope he keeps up the blogging

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