Why, Isn’t That Just Precious!?

I had a pretty good holiday last week. I dropped Randy off at the airport on Wednesday morning so he could visit his family in Virginia. Then I went work. When I got home, I pulled out all of the Christmas decorations to get them ready for their installation when I got back from my parents.

On Thursday morning, I drove to the cape (no traffic…L-O-V-E it!) and spend the next to days in a haze of card playing chocolate eating, and drape hanging. Yes, I was domestic and hung drapes for my parents. Between the drapes, the all new stainless steal appliances in the kitchen, the new blinds, all new living room furniture, and the all new paint (colors!) thoughout, the place looks amazing compared to it’s previous incarnation.

On Black Friday I had planned a restful day with my parents. Instead, Randy sent my Dad an email before 6am telling him that Norton Antivirus is on sale at Staples as a door-buster special. You had to get there by 10AM to get.

Now, he really should know better than to put any ideas into my Dad’s head because my Dad ran into my bedroom at 6:50AM freaking out about how we have to go. Go NOW!

Ugh – so much for a resftul Friday. It didn’t help matters that it was pouring rain. I’m talking torrential. Not only did Randy tell me to go to Staples, I had to go to Macy’s to buy a door-buster Christmas tree that he said to get.

All said and done, we made it back home by 9:30AM, which kills me since when I worked at the Cape Cod Mall in my youth, the mall didn’t even open until 9:30AM.

I returned to Boston (I mean, Arlington) on Saturday afternoon and opened the box of the new tree (yeah, it’s fake, don’t judge me).  I noticed the branches weren’t the style Randy wanted (he wants the plastic tipped ones, where as these are the old school fake branches). I called him and he said not to bother putting it up.

So, I put up the old tree instead. The trusty old tree I’ve used for more than half a decade. And despite being pre-lit, certain sections of the tree remained pre-lit even after I plugged it all in. Yep, somehwere in that mess of plastic and metal is a rambling strand of lazy-ass bulbs that won’t light up.

Randy won’t let me put up the new tree. We can’t use the old tree. So I just gave up and did Wii Fit instead.

On Sunday, to round out my festive and frustrating weekend, I decided to see the movie, Precious. I invited Chris along to keep me company…which was a good thing because, damn, that movie is hard to watch.

I loved it. I really, really thought the performances were amazing (Mariah Carey and M’Onique…who knew?). And the cinematography was disturbingly stunning. Seriously…even now, a day after seeing the movie, when I close my eyes I’m still envisioning that horrible apartment of theirs and the abuses that were taking place inside.

If this movie doesn’t win awards, the system is royally screwed up (the system previously proved to be joke when Crash won so many awards a few years ago and I hated that manipulative drivel). With stellar performances by everybody in the film….let’s see if the system can redeem itself this time around!


  1. Comment by Randy on December 1, 2009 12:37 pm

    Dont go blaming me for everything. Your parents were desperate for the anivirus and it was on sale in the AM and it was sold out at my parents location so thus the email!
    And the tree. well I said that I hadnt seen it and to check it but it didnt turn out to be the right one. Oh well. no point in keeping it at the price without it being the right one.

    LOVE ME>

  2. Comment by Jeffrey on December 2, 2009 5:57 pm

    I don’t use an anti-virus on my computer. If something crashes it, I just have Zach re-install windows. I suspect most people are like me and have nothing of significance on their computers.

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