Would You By Mine? Could You Be Mine? Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Last night we got to know some of our neighbors a little bit better. I guess we can thank Randy joining to condo association for it, since it was with one of the board members.

She and her husband came over for wine, cheese, snacks, and the requisite Wisteria Lane gossip (of course). There wasn’t too much scandal to speak of, unfortunately (I love a good scandal). It seems like a pretty straight-forward collection of couples and families complex. Hell, Randy and I very well could be the scandalous thing others are talking about, being gay and all.

But our neighbors (she came with her husbands) were quite nice and it was fun to show them our place. One of the advantages to befriending neighbors within the same townhouse complex is the voyeur in me is able to explore the slight differences within each unit. I’ve only been in one other unit so far and though nearly identical on the outside to the naked eye, there were still countless differences that I would have liked in our place (bigger breakfast nook, hardwood floors) and other things I am glad we DO have in our place (we have an extra nook in the guest room, we have a second spare room on the top floor, we get more sun, they’ve got a closet in the dining room that makes the room smaller).

At some point, I’ll get to see our new friends’s unit (which is an end unit and has more windows).

And starting this weekend our lives are going to get rather busy socially (or, since we had people over on Tuesday and Thursday, perhaps it already started). Tonight is poker night, then tomorrow night we’re going to a wine tasting party, Chris moves his belongings in this weekend, our former neighbors from Somerville are crashing at our place Tuesday night as they move to a new condo the next morning, then Chris officially moves in next week, we have a reunion thingie (for Randy) next Saturday, and two of his post-doc friends are coming in town for that weekend, then the next weekend I go to the Cape and pick up Dusty the Devil Dog (the Hound from Hell) for dogsitting for a week, then Randy leaves for Asia, then I have jury duty, then I go back to the Cape the following weekend to return the dog, then Randy and I reunite the following weekend, and by the next weekend we’re off to Montreal.

Yikes – I think our next “normal” weekend will not be until June 5th. But then we have company staying with us the next weekend, plus Randy’s mom plans on visiting one of the following two weeks of June, then the next weekend we’re off to Virginia for the 4th of July week.

Wow – already summer! WOO HOO!

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