Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon

This weekend felt so busy, even though much of my time was spent not doing much. On Friday night we got together with Randy’s fellow Harvard post-doc from a decade ago and hung out at Grendel’s Den, in Harvard Square.

On Saturday, Randy went to some seminars associated with the post-doc reunion and I worked on the paper for the class I’m taking. At night, we went to the Museum of Science for the big gala/dinner, then had some of his favorite post-doc friends come back to our place for drinks.

On Sunday, I worked a bit on my paper, went to the gym, did some grocery shopping, then we went up on the roof deck at night to have dinner and play card games. All in all, not a bad weekend, but way too hot, way too soon.

I’m now in my office and it’s 80 degrees (the AC doesn’t appear to be on, I’ve got windows wide open and an industrial fan blowing directly on me, set at high…enough so that I’ve got heavy items on all my papers to prevent them from flying around.

Is it bad for me to be wishing for October right now?

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  1. Comment by Randy on May 3, 2010 4:22 pm

    stop complaining about the heat,
    and blog about the insane water issues hehe

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