So Many Anniversaries for One Weekend

What a weekend this was. It was the 3 year anniversary of my moving in with Randy into his condo in Somerville. Saturday, October 2nd, was also the one year anniversary of taking possession of (and moving into) our current townhouse that we bought together. Wow – it really does not feel like it’s been that long.

Finally, yesterday, October 3rd, was my 10 year anniversary of working at Harvard. Seriously, 10 years. A decade. One-tenth of a century. That is the longest I’ve ever held a job. Hell, it’s longer than any of my friends have held jobs, except those that also work at Harvard. People tend to stay here.

Anyway, Randy and I didn’t do much to celebrate all of these anniversaries this weekend. We had the usual friends over Friday night for dinner, wine, and games….but the games never managed to happen. My jetlag has been kicking my ass so my eyes were heavy by 10:30 or so.

On Saturday we drove to Framingham to visit the Danforth Art Museum. Neither of us knew what to expect, but as we approached the building and saw that it was in an old converted 3-story school, we became optomistic. That optimism quickly disintegrated upon entering and realizing that only portions of the first floor were museum space and the upper levels were studios and such. There were a few cool pieces (nearly all by local Framingham/Wayland artists) but it was otherwise a fairly lackluster experience.

Even worse, on the ride there I spotted a Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) sign and Randy got excited enough about the prospect of getting lunch there that he posted it on Facebook. But we got to the door and discovered the place was still under construction. Poor Randy.

On Sunday, Randy got up at some absurd hour of the morning to catch a 6:10 flight to Korea (via San Francisco). Twenty-six hours, 3 separate flights, 1 bus trip, and 2 car rides later he finally reached his destination. He wanted me to come along on this trip.

I think I made the right decision in staying local.

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