My Version of the “This is What I Did on My Summer Vacation” Report (Except I Wasn’t On Vacation and it Wasn’t Summer)

OK, so Randy commented yesterday that I’ve only been blogging (irregularly at that) about the trip to Europe and haven’t talked about what I’ve been doing since I’ve been back. I was trying to break up the Europe trip into smaller posts so they wouldn’t be too long. I was also lazy and posted every few days instead of daily. Besides, nothing much was going on. But I’ll talk about all of that “nothing” right here.

So We got back from Europe late on Friday afternoon. That night we mostly caught up with the DVR. On Saturday, I developed a fever. I had no other symptoms except generally achiness and fever (no head cold, no runny nose, no sore throat). That lasted two days so I had a lazy weekend.

Randy headed to NYC for work on Tue-Wed-Thur so I hung around the house with Chris and continued catching up on shows that we recorded on the DVR. Friday night we had friends over for our normal game night, but jetlag (for me) and exhaustion (for Randy) ended up with us having dinner with friends, then chatting for a few hours.

On Saturday, Randy and I went to the Danforth Museum in Framingham (don’t bother), then I dropped Chris off at the airport for his whirlwind trip to Iceland and France (which he is still on). The next morning, Randy hopped on a plane for Korea and I was left all alone.

Sunday I celebrated my solitude by doing absolutely nothing.

Monday night I had dinner with my friend, Jen, at a tasty Thai restaurant

Tuesday night was Scrabble night with my friend, Deano (I won – woo hoo).

Wednesday night I watched TV

Thursday night I went to dinner with my friend, Peter, and his father  in the South End.

Friday night I got together with my friends, Luciano and Rich for Chinese food then a DVD (Snatch…I actually liked it).

On Saturday I drove to the Cape to visit my parents and we drove to Provincetown to pick up some art Randy and I had purchased on Labor Day.

On Sunday I played cards with my parents, went out for Mexican food for lunch, then came back to Boston at night.

Monday was a holiday and I cleaned the house and went grocery shopping.

My friend, Deano, bailed on me for Scrabble night on Tuesday so I watched TV.

And finally, on Wednesday, I went to the airport and picked Randy up from his 11 day business trip. One of his hotels had bed bugs (super) so during his trip he washed everything (some things twice). Being the paranoid freak that I am I bought some bed-bug spray and doused his suitcase (and the trunk of the car). We left the suitcase in the garage, along with his jacket, and I brought his clothes immediately to the washing machine and washed them at the highest temperature our machine could. I also dried them at the highest temperature possible.

Hopefully that eradicates the possibility of them breeding in our house.

And that, dear friends, has been what I’ve been up to for the past three weeks. Now you can see why I didn’t blog about it.


  1. Comment by Jeffrey on October 14, 2010 7:14 pm

    Save some of that bed bug spray for Chris when he comes home.

  2. Comment by Melody on October 20, 2010 1:33 pm

    Hey what happened? No blogging for almost a week now. Are you on another vacation? 🙂

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