If New York, New York, Is The City That Never Sleeps, Then Plattsburgh, New York, Must Be Where New Yorkers Go So They Can Get Some Sleep

Yep, this past wekeend Randy and I drove up to Plattsburgh for a wedding. We left on Friday afternoon after the nor’easter had ended and the sun was coming out, along with some fiercely strong winds (50+ mph gusts). But since the storm was moving northward, it began raining the minute we hit the New Hampshire border. Randy said “they’re just showers,” but those showers ended up being pretty consistent through Saturday afternoon.

To get to Plattsburgh from here one must drive 4 hours up past Burlington, Vermont, then onto an island in Lake Champlain…

…then take a ferry.

It’s listed as a 12 minute ride across a narrow portion of the lake. Unfortunately, everything changes during a nor’easter. It was pitch black by the time we got there, and the rain was coming down sideways in sheets. We drove onto the car ferry¬†and we were placed along the edge of the boat. There was a solid railing so we couldn’t see over the side, but as we pushed away from the dock, the ferry began rocking. Five minutes into the ride and we were REALLY rocking (I could see the neighboring cars jiggling like jello as the shocks took the brunt of the motion. And then it got really bad. Waves began splashing over the side of the ferry and onto the roof and windshield.

Seriously! We’re on an inland lake….in the narrowest section, far from the heart of the coastal storm, and we were being pelted by sea-spray (or, lake spray). In the end, the 12 minute ride took over 20 minutes. I’m just happy we didn’t eat dinner before that adventure.

Anyway, the wedding was the next day in a lovely ivy covered chapel, and the reception at a lakefront Elks Lodge.

We did nothing else touristy while we were there (probably because there is nothing touristy there). At night we hung out in the breakfast area of the hotel until 1AM talking, drinking wine, and playing games.

On Sunday afternoon, we drove back (the ferry was MUCH more calm…no white caps) then had lunch in Montpelier at a tasty little pizza place.¬† By that night we were home, sweet home (and the temperatures were 10 degrees warmer).

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  1. Comment by Randy on October 21, 2010 12:46 pm

    So no comment on the nice dinner we had there in probably the nicest restaurant there?
    Or our ride back with our friends?

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