Going to the Farm

OK, it wasn’t actually a farm, but we visited some friendsĀ  last Saturday and they live in rural New Hampshire. Their house is centuries old and comes with an attached barn. And it’s one of those huge, white clapboard, old New England style homes with an abundance of charm (old hardwood floors, fancy wallpaper, traditional lights).

I’m guessing the original owner possessed much more land then sold it off over the years, but our friends still own a few acres with a large garden in back, a separate garage building, plus the grand old house (which, the best I can tell has at leastĀ 12 very large rooms…and that’s just what I’ve seen).

Anyway, we arrived Saturday evening and chatted for an hour or so in the front parlor (with wine, cheese, crackers). For dinner they prepared us a delicious beef, with squash and other veggies. For dessert, a homemade apple crisp. Now, we arrived around 6pm and finished eating/drinking around 11pm. Over 5+ hours, 4 bottles of wine were consumed by 4 people. And during that time, we were stuffing our face with food nearly non-stop.

On top of that, Randy drank water and soda, too.

Long story short, he got a hangover. Nobody is quite sure how since he spread out the drinking over such a long period of time, he ate tons of food, and he diluted his alcohol intake with water and soda. We spent the night in one of their guest rooms (we’d planned on staying over) and on Sunday morning he was the only person feeling under-the-weather.

Hmmm – maybe he had more wine than everybody else? At least this time he admitted it was a hangover and not a “wine headache”…which sounds like the same thing when he describes it, but is apparently a completely different thing (but more socially acceptable in his mind).

But he was feeling good enough to go out for breakfast on Sunday morning, which we did with our friends before driving back home. It was a very pretty drive, even with the clouds. Despite foliage season having supposedly peaked up there already (in what was supposed to be a lackluster year because the summer was so hot and dry), some of the trees were pretty spectacular, particularly on the drive home through downtown Groton, Massachusetts.

Oh, on a separate note, the woman came by and reclaimed her lost purse the other night and not only did she bring me cupcakes, she gave me a bottle of red wine. I guess it does pay to do good deeds.

I wonder if Randy is ready for wine again, though?


  1. Comment by Randy on October 28, 2010 12:54 pm

    I love going up to Maggies house.

    Can I use the answer that wine headaches are related to all the sulfites? He he.
    But even with that I felt ok sunday afternoon,just tired from sleeping in another place.
    back up on that wagon I went

  2. Comment by Randy on November 2, 2010 5:15 pm

    Boring blog.. nothing ever happens in your life

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