You and I Travel to the Beat of a Different Drum

I’m not sure if Linda Ronstadt would vote democrat or republican, but those lyrics do make me think of little ole’ Massachusetts when it comes to elections. While the rest of the country swerved abruptly toward the right (again), every single candidate went the other direction in the Commonwealth (10 representatives plus the governor). We seem to have a history of being contrary (we proudly were the only state to vote against Nixon in 1972).

True, we elected Scott Brown in January, but he’s still a Massachusetts republican which is still more liberal than many democrats in the rest of the country (West Virginia’s Joe Manchin anybody?). Plus, and perhaps I’m being naive here, but I think if his seat were being voted on yesterday, he would have lost. The timing of his special election – smack dab at the heart of the health care debates with the Tea Party more in its infancy and people not seeing their true colors yet – is what I think contributed to his win.

Anyway, I take pride in yesterday’s results, even though I’m nowhere near being a bleeding-heart liberal. I lean towards democrat on social issues (though not exclusively) and lean a bit more conservative wtih fiscal issues (more like old school republicans versus the current incarnation). Hell, until the Baker spying on Cahill brou-haha erupted, I wouldn’t have been upset if Baker had won the governorship.

But I just love being from a place that leans toward the progressive and treats the Tea Party cult (ironically named after an event that took place in our very own state) as the fringe group it should be.


  1. Comment by Randy on November 3, 2010 1:05 pm

    Boston Bubble breathing bleeding Heart is what I say

  2. Comment by Jeffrey on November 3, 2010 7:53 pm

    Massachusetts is pretty predictable. I don’t understand why conservatives complain so much about how liberal it is or how high the taxes are. We’re not holding anyone hostage, they’re free to leave at any time.

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