I Missed You So Much I’m Sick Over It

Wow – it’s almost a full week since I’ve blogged. 2010 sure hasn’t been a banner year for my blogging consistency, has it? Perhaps I need some internet Metamucil to get me more regular.

I had a great night reuniting with Randy after his Virginia trip last Monday. We met up in Davis Square and spontaneously had pizza and bowled.  But by Wednesday my sore throat had morphed into a small bit of laryngitis (draq queen voice alert). I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off hoping to recuperate faster. My voice did return, and today I do feel better. This has been a strange cold, though. I’ve not had any sinus congestion, I’ve not really been coughing too much, I’ve not even been feverish. It was just a sore throat, some laryngitis, and a general feeling of achiness and being tired.

Despite this, we did have friends over this weekend to help decorate the Christmas tree. It’s looking pretty good.

Oh, then stupid me thought it would be smart to remove the lounge chairs from the roof deck since it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be up there sunning ourselves anytime in the next 5 months or so (sigh). As I carried one chair down three flights of stairs to the garage I discovered (much too late) that the hollow pipes of the furniture was filled with rusty sludge/water that formed a fairly consistent brown path of pours/drips throughout the loft and down all of the stairs.

Now, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal because we’re planning to replace the carpets with hardwood floors on the staircases and bedroom level. Unfortunately, we had decided to keep the carpet in the loft since that carpet looked fine and we rarely use that floor.  But the worst staining happened up there (joy). Randy immediately started having me spray the carpet with Windex which, as you may recall from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, solves every household problem. As I did this, Randy rushed to the market for some Resolve Carpet Cleaner.

Fingers crossed, we can salvage the top floor and save ourselves a few thousand dollars.

I gues that’s my punishment for trying to be productive and responsible.

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  1. Comment by Randy on December 6, 2010 10:03 pm

    Windex works wonders on wine stains

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