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What an exciting week! I got hit by a bus on my way to work yesterday. Well, I was inside the bus at the time. You see, I’d boarded the bus and was walking toward the back. As I was about to sit down the driver gunned the accelerator. I suppose I lurched further toward the back of the bus…but I like to think the sudden acceleration thrusted the bus forward toward me so the edge of a seat struck my thigh. It’s a bit sore, but no pronounces bruise has appeared yet.

My parents are coming up this weekend to visit my uncle again. He had another heart attack and has been moved from the rehab center to the hospital, and now to a nursing care facility. They won’t be seeing much of us, though, since we’re practically gone all weekend.

Tonight we’re seeing Joan Rivers at the Wilbur Theatre. Tomorrow morning Randy has an eye exam and we’ll then head into Boston to meet up with friends for lunch and such. In the afternoon we’re attending a Yankee-Swap out  in the burbs (technically, we live in the burbs…but this will be in the ‘real’ burbs). We’ll finally hang out with my parents tomorrow night for what I’m pretty sure will be card games and wine.

At this point, Sunday isn’t looking all that chaotic. WOO HOO! Tis the season.

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  1. Comment by J.P. on December 10, 2010 10:29 pm

    The ‘burbs. Are we talking Lincoln, Littleton or Leominster?

    Have a great weekend.

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