Inspired by Joan Rivers

Ok, Joan Rivers inspired me. I’m in a ranting sort of mood today so I’m going to get all non-PC on your ass. You’ve been warned.

1 – WTF were they thinking with the extension of the tax cuts? That’s not a compromise, that’s stupidity. Yeah, yeah, yeah – times are tough and people are losing jobs. But if you aren’t working, then you’re not even paying income taxes to begin with. Yes, for 99 months you could be on unemployment (I approve of the extension, by the way)…but couldn’t we make people earning “normal” income pay taxes and maybe reduce/eliminate the taxes on unemployment income? That way, those people collecting reduced income via unemployment can keep most/all of it, but people gainfully employed can pay their fair share to pull us out of this absurd national debt we’re in? The part that pissed me off the most was that they’re reducing the amount employees contribute to social security from 6.2% to 4.2%. Seriously? Social Security is expected to be bankrupt before I even reach retirement age unless the system is changed. Reducing the amount of money people contribute isn’t going to help that. And why do people stop contributing after they earn about$98,000 in a year (or somewhere around that figure)? Why isn’t all income taxed for social security?

2 – The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston is going to show a video piece by David Wojnarowicz that was banned from the National Gallery in Washington, DC, because that idiot John Boehner (and other Republicans) deemed it offense. Why do politicians (usually Republicans…remember Jesse Helms and the Robert Mapplethorpe issues two decades ago) get to play art critic and censor stuff? In question this time around is this video called “Fire in My Belly” that shows footage of life in Mexico. The scene that is so extremely offensive is that of a cross/crucifix laying on the ground with ants crawling on it. I watched this video….the scene took place for about 30-45 seconds after more than 13 minutes of other scenes of various things. Was Boehner offended at the bullfighting? No. How about the poor chickens cockfighting (with one apparently being killed)? No. What about the man masturbating toward the end? No. But a piece of wood or plastic (which is symbolic…not the real thing, people) with one of god’s own creatures, no less, walking on it is worthy of banning the entire video? I give up.

3 – Why is the state of Kentucky providing tax breaks to a Noah’s Ark replica? It’s bad enough that the state houses the Creation Museum, but at least that was 100% privately funded. But now the governor has approved tax credits to build this boondoggle of an amusement park just 40 miles away. Is that state trying to prove something? Seriously? Do we really need a full-scale replica of the ark and more brainwashing? Have you seen that video on YouTube of this group of religious freaks who take private school children to science museums then walk around and contradict all of the science so that it fits into the Bible’s “teachings.” It’s infuriating and offensive.

4 – There are over 5,000 empty seats in Boston Public Schools. The city spends $300,000 per day (PER DAY!) bussing kids all over the city to different schools with classrooms that are either being used for storage or just sit empty. These are major issues that need to be addressed. Fortunately, the City Council approved changes (closing some schools, merging some schools). Yet there were still enormous crowds of people protesting. Boston schools have some of the highest drop out rates, some of the lowest MCAS scores, and some of the highest per student costs of any community in the state. Shouldn’t we be doing whatever we can to improve this?

5 – Why do people with colds complain that they have the flu? A cold is something you’re likely to catch at least once a year (or more). Symptoms may include sore throat, coughing, sneezing, sinus congestion, some achiness, a fever and general malaise. It can last a week or longer. A flu is a serious bug that wipes you out completely: it hurts to even move, you’re vomiting, you’re dehydrated, your head is throbbing, you’re body is burning up beyond belief, you then get the chills, you’re weak, you have no desire (or even the physical ability) to do anything. I catch colds every year, but I think I’ve had the flu only twice in my entire life. You KNOW when you have the flu. A cold is NOT the flu.

Ahhh – I feel better.


  1. Comment by Mark on December 19, 2010 8:41 am

    Ah. Another EST for Boston, eh, Karl? This time for its schools?

  2. Comment by Jeffrey on December 20, 2010 8:05 pm

    You said Boehner. Huh Huh.

  3. Comment by Giants or Cowboys on December 21, 2010 1:33 pm

    What the critics do not understand is the profound religiosity of David Wojnarowicz’s piece. The art critic of the Washington Post reminded his readers of the long tradition in Western Art of the use of religious motifs. The piece is very stream of consciousness, but I saw the rejection of AIDS victims in the rejection of the crucified Christ in the video.

    Of course, too, what was behind the Catholic League’s attack with their political allies on the almost 25 year old work was the exhibit itself! This was homophobia at its worst!

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