I Simply Can’t Be Trusted

I’m a huge planner. Aside from sitting on my ass watching TV while surfing the net, my other big hobby is planning travel. Not a week goes by that I’m not trying to find the best options to go someplace.

Ideally, someplace new.

We’ve already got a few trips planned in the near future – most significantly a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in two months. Before then, Randy is going to Seoul, Tokyo, and Austin, for work. I may join him on the trip to Austin. I keep hearing Austin is the one decent city in Texas and I’m willing to give it a shot after seeing the hell-holes of Beaumont, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso. (Although, Fort Worth has a lovely botanical garden).

Anyway, our big trip of the year seems as though it will take place next summer. One of Randy’s cousins from Australia is going to be visiting the states for vacation this summer and we’re planning on meeting up with him (and his wife). Their plan is to explore southern California for a few days, then Las Vegas for a few days, then Honolulu for the final 5 days. We originally considered meeting them in Las Vegas until we realized how expensive it was going to be (flights were around $500) to visit a place we’d already been to a few times. Similarly, we’d both been to southern California more times than we can recall (Randy also lived there for grad school), and it sounded like his cousin wanted to tackle Disney while he was in that region…a place Randy and I both would actually be willing to pay money just to avoid.

So, that leaves Hawaii. It looks like we’re going to try to fly into Kona, on the Big Island, then explore the volcanos and national/state parks all over the island. After about 5 days we’ll fly to Honolulu and meet up with Randy’s cousin. I’m guessing at this point we’ll just stay in Waikiki for the remaining 5 days, unless everybody is up for exploring the rest of that island, too.

The problem has been that I looked at frequent flyer tickets last weekend and they had some available on the days we wanted, but in business class.  That’s fine…I don’t mind traveling in luxury for a flight that long. But by the time we both checked with our bosses to see if we could take that specific week off and went back online later this week, those tickets were no longer available. Sigh.

Now our options are to fly separately, fly on different days and take a longer vacation,  fly together but in different classes (one in coach, one in business), or use even more miles to fly together in the same class.

Decisions, decisions.

Finally, I seem to have enough trouble blogging regularly lately, and now with the holiday officially here in just two days, I think it’s safe to say that I can’t be relied upon to post again before Christmas. So, merry Christmas everybody.

And to play it safe, Happy New year, too!

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  1. Comment by Randy on January 6, 2011 1:46 pm

    Knock Knock? are you alive in there? I know your sick

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