Exhaustion (for Randy), Relief (for me).

The past few weeks have been chaotic for Randy. Actually, it’s been nearly a month and a half. But there’s some major drama happening at his work that’s nearly had him flying to Taiwan at last once per week since our honeymoon. Yep, even on our honeymoon he was asked to go to Japan and/or Taiwan. Since we were already in Hawaii, it would have been easy for him to fly to Asia. Alas, he didn’t pack his passport so he would have had to fly back to Boston then backtrack again. They send somebody else instead.

Since then, every week there has been a threat…this morning after a conference call they nearly had him on a plane TODAY. Now it looks like next week or the week after.

Personally, I wish they could coordinate their disasters better so that I could plan a trip to tag along.

Otherwise, my life has been quite simple and content – just the way I like it.

I brought my mother to Mass General last week since she’s got a brain aneurysm and the doctors at Cape Cod Hospital refered her to a big-city neurosurgeon for additional evaluation. The aneurysm is apparently in some sort of cavity with less than a 5% chance of rupture. And, even if it does rupture, it would not likely damage the brain, but just bleed into the cavity putting pressure on her eyes. He said she would just need to go to the ER and they could treat it there much more safely than by doing a┬ámore risky preventive surgery.

So, it’s a relief to hear they don’t think it’s going to be a life-threatening issue.

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