Happy Holidays!

Any by that I mean:

Happy Veterans Day, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Martin Luther King Day, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy President’s Day.

 Yikes, it really has been along time since my last post. I’ve periodically looked back at my blog in disgust over the past few months. Partially because of the lack of updates, and partially because the photo I included in my last update (in November) was of me in a hula dancer costume from Halloween. Nothing like the image of me in a coconut bra to keep readers away.

Generally, it’s been a pretty uneventful winter so far. Our trip to San Francisco was a blast. The weather cooperated and the only rainy day was the one when we were driving to Gold Country so it didn’t matter. Once we arrived there, the weather was beautiful, as was that part of the state. I could live there (it’s affordable, it’s pretty, and it’s only two hours to San Francisco…perhaps a good choice for retirement).

My holiday season was nice as well…and it was capped off with a trip to Barcelona. I managed to catch a cold prior to the trip and that morphed into a killer sinus infection while we were in Europe. I didn’t let it stop us from sight-seeing, but it was pretty damn painful. Still, I did like the city quite a bit. We ended the trip by flying to England and staying with friends for a few days. I finally got to see the English countryside (quite pretty) and got to take some over-the-counter pain-killers containing codeine that are legal there but not in the US…and that made my sinus infection a bit more manageable for the final days of the vacation. Still, it took a week of antibiotics once I returned to Boston to finally get rid of it.

Since then, this winter has been the best winter EVER for weather in Boston. Just over 7 inches of snow and it’s nearly March (and most of that snow fell in October). Temperatures mostly in the 40’s with quite a handful of days in the 50’s. AHHHHHH!

On a sad note, unfortunately, my father took a spill and broke his hip. He went in for surgery a little over a week ago and seems to be doing quite well in his recuperation at the rehab hospital. I plan to head down to the Cape again this weekend to visit him, and to celebrate his 83rd birthday.

And that’s about it for the past few months. Hopefully I’ll post again in a shorter time span with some more exciting news than I had to share for the past few months.

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