Omotesando: Where Neglected Statues Go To Die

With Randy gone on a business trip and me being left all by my lonesome, I recently decided to check out Tokyo’s Omotesando district. I remember years ago that Tokyo was home to a pretty unusual Prada store, many stories tall with glass bubble windows. It opened years ago and I always thought it would be (or should be) located in Ginza, Tokyo’s famous high-end shopping district.

But Tokyo is apparently big enough for two such districts. Yet Omotesando is nothing like Ginza. Where Ginza is wide boulevards and narrow side streets with seizure-inducing Times Square lighting, Omotesando is a peaceful feeling boulevard lined with large shade trees. Hell, not only is it unlike Ginza, it’s unlike most of Tokyo. I would almost go so far as to say the area has charm.

And, like Boston’s Newbury Street, the area is chock full of high end shopping destinations: Prada, Gaultier, Gucci, etc… One of the best things about the area is that each store is trying to outdo it’s neighbors, resulting in a stunning collection of contemporary architecture. Every time you think you’ve seen your favorite, you go another block and find an even better building. I want to go back after dark sometime. Certain buildings, like the Prada store, would make for some great photography.

The photo above is from a storefront window. For the life of me, I don’t know what they’re selling, but it looks like a mannequin and statue burial ground.


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