The First of (Hopefully) Many Happy Returns

I’m now back in Tokyo after over a month in Massachusetts. It’s strange, looking back on the visit now, he feels like it flew by. But while I was there we kept ourselves so busy that I was craving a return to our more “simple” life in Tokyo. In fact, I was missing it.

I arrived on August 2nd after a four hour delay in Toronto. I spent the night in our old townhouse before heading down to the Cape the next morning to visit my parents. I stayed the full weekend, reuniting, playing cards…and eating. My Dad is looking amazing after his his replacement surgery and rehabilitation earlier in the year. I was very relieved to see that.

I returned to Boston (and to the office) on Monday, started fighting off jet lag, and immediately began re-connecting with old friends. It was great to be able to see so many people (but still didn’t manage to fit in everybody in this visit).

Two weeks later, Randy arrived and from that point on the rest of the trip to the states is a blur. Between trying to get together with friends and packing up the house so that the movers could put stuff in storage, his two weeks sped by. We ended our trip with a few days at my parents place, then two nights in Provincetown.

Not only was the Ptown weather great, but over the entire month I can only recall one or two humid days (the first two) and only one real day with rain. Otherwise, we were spoiled with bright, sunny skies and low humidity the entire time.

We spent our last two nights in Boston at the Park Plaza Hotel before flying off to Tokyo. Our very last day was met with torrential rains (remnants of the hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast)…I’m glad the bad weather didn’t hit until we were leaving.

Now I’m back in Tokyo and enjoying life in a big city again. I really was missing Tokyo while in Boston. I love living in the heart of a big city. It has it’s drawbacks (smaller grocery stores with fewer options, higher prices), but the views, the energy, and attractions just make it so exciting.

Since we’ve been back (only 4 days) we’ve gone to two tapas restaurants (it should have been one, but we realized we were at the wrong restaurant after we’d already ordered), to a Japanese pub, and to the Shibakoen swimming pool. Our friend, Ben, arrives in two days for the weekend and he’s requested that we take him to an onsen (hot spring). I’m sure I’ll have stories about that (I hate being naked in front of people and I hate hot things).

Wish me luck!

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