I’m back to my semi-regular routine of stopping by the “encampment” of “Occupy Harvard” to find out whether anyone’s actually bothering to occupy the site. Today I visited about 9:30 a.m.

As you can see from this photo, there were no visible space occupants — not at the original info desk (left side of photo, in distance), nor in the big tent which served as the info desk during the recent rain (left side of photo, in foreground), nor around the other tents:










For the first time, I didn’t notice any police officers in the immediate vicinity — apparently there’s little if any activity for them to police.

So today’s score is:  1 photographer, 0 cops, 0 occupants.

The burden the space occupants are imposing on others as a result of their occupation — or, increasingly it seems, non-occupation — of Harvard Yard continues.  One of the commentators on this blog, J.P. McMahon, had this to say about that  (here):

I visited Cambridge this summer and the experience was idyllic. The BEAUTIFUL campus with so many different people doing so many productive and artistic things. Tourists and prospective students and their families loving every moment they were there. The surrounding town of Cambridge, with its so many lovely houses, good bookstores, restaurants, and other diversions. And the people there were so diverse, and nice! Did the Occupy Harvard folks just feel the need to set a little ugliness into the middle of what is a pretty beautiful scene? Why do I have the feeling that the Occupy folks feel the need to do this where ever they are, because the places that they are setting up with their shantytowns always seem to be such aesthetically pleasing and normally pleasant places?

As my latest example of the negative effect on others, after visiting the “encampment,” while walking north from Harvard Yard I happened upon a group of Korean tourists who had been denied access to the Yard.  They had to settle for a visit to Holmes Field, where they photographed Langdell Hall at Harvard Law School.
















–“Major Tom”

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