The use of the “Occupy Harvard” website by those who control it to support their own political viewpoints, in the name of “Occupy Harvard” even though the statements have never been approved by the General Assembly, has descended into farce.  Today the website announces (here):

Occupy Harvard stands in solidarity with all people struggling for equality and against oppression.  Yesterday was the 13th International Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day for remembrance and memorialization for transgender-identified people killed due to hate crimes.  . . .  Trans liberation is our liberation. Yesterday and for the entirety of our occupation, Occupy Harvard remains in solidarity with all people struggling for recognition and justice, and we, too, took this day to stand in vigil for victims of anti-transgender violence.

The “Occupy” movement has experienced difficulty in explaining what it stands for, but generally the idea has been that the rich, or the government, or some group of people or entities identifiable as “the 1%” is holding down “the 99%.”  Transgender justice issues have no logical connection to anything the “Occupy” movement has addressed to date.  The failure of “Occupy Harvard” to control those running its website, who apparently are free to post anything they like in the name of the movement, will help ensure that the movement will rapidly lose whatever credibility it had to start with.

–“Major Tom”


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