Today the Harvard Crimson published another editorial against “Occupy Harvard,” this time attacking its recent efforts to disrupt a Goldman Sachs recruiting event.  Here.  An excerpt:

[T]he protest carried with it a strong sentiment against Harvard undergraduates seeking careers in the financial services industry. Perhaps it is not ideal that so many of us go on to Wall Street, but targeting individuals looking at career options in this way is hardly the appropriate remedy.  Many students who enter these fields are not the scions of banking families but rather hard-working students looking for a challenging job that lets them experience a newfound financial prosperity. To exhort students to consider their contribution to society when choosing a career is one thing but to target those who want to work for Goldman Sachs misses the point; whatever negative impact the company has on our economy is due to structural issues rather than questions of individual morality.  Deterring a couple dozen Harvard students from working at Goldman will not change income inequality nor will it create a more equitable society. Goldman will just hire the next people in line.

Occupy’s actions continue to erode whatever student support it gained on the heels of a successful janitorial contract. Pitching a simplistic conception of the financial crisis and targeting fellow students is not the way to have a successful movement.  Occupy ought to refrain from such ill-conceived protests in the future.

On November 29 the Crimson published an initial piece which included video, here. (Update, 12/6:  a letter defending the protest was published here.)

Today’s Crimson also published a feature article by a Crimson staff writer:  “My Night With Occupy Harvard.”

–“Major Tom”


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