April 1st, 2006

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Hello world!

April 1st, 2006

Welcome to Weblogs at Harvard Law School. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Journalist Jill Carroll is Free!

March 31st, 2006

Journalist Jill Carroll, captive in Iraq since early January, has been freed. The Christian Science Monitor, for which she freelances, has lots of articles.

First Digital Commonwealth Council of Members Meeting, Roy Tennant Speaks

March 30th, 2006

The first Digital Commonwealth Council of Members meeting is today, March 30, at the Worcester Public Library at 2 pm. Roy Tennant of the California Digital Library, Web4Lib, XML4Lib, and Common Cites (among other things) is the guest speaker. The meeting is free, but registration is required.

Thanks for the tip, Rich. I really did almost forget to blog it. = )

Are Search Engines Making People Dumber?

March 28th, 2006

Edward Tenner explores whether search engines are making people dumber because they don’t have to use as many research skills in this New York Times Op-Ed.

Berkman Luncheon Series: David Weinberger on his Book about Knowledge

March 28th, 2006

One of the joys of being around the Berkman Center is attending the lunches they host with very interesting speakers. Today, David Weinberger is speaking some more about the book on knowledge he’s writing. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to him talk about various other portions of the book and his research before, including an analysis of encyclopedias.

Listen in  http://harmony.law.harvard.edu/webcast.s…) and/or join us on IRC  freenode.net) between 12:30 and 1:30 pm EST.

One of the points he made is about how putting all of human knowledge into print is impractical. Imagine how many printed volumes that would take! If we want to record it, we might need another medium.

Nancy Pearl and the Librarian Action Figure Visit PLA

March 26th, 2006

The Boston Herald reports Nancy Pearl and the action figure modeled after her made an appearance at the Public Libraries Association conference that just wrapped up in Boston.

AltaVista Creator Paul Flaherty Died March 16

March 25th, 2006

Just the other day, I was telling someone about how AltaVista used to be the fabulous search engine everyone would rave about and use. One of its creators, Paul Flaherty, died of a heart attack Thursday, March 16.

Boston Herald Publisher: Newspapers Will Survive Digital Age Because of News-Gathering Power

March 25th, 2006

In a speech at a journalism conference, Patrick J. Purcell, publisher and president of the Boston Herald, opined that the news-gathering strength of news organizations will help them survive the digital age.

Britannica Responds to Nature Study About Wikipedia’s Inaccuracies (.pdf)

March 22nd, 2006

Remember that study published in the journal Nature about how Wikipedia is only slightly less accurate than the Encyclopedia Britannica when it comes to certain articles about science? Apparently, it made the folks at Britannica nervous enough to look into the study itself. They sent around an e-mail to a select group today encouraging people to read their refute of that research.

Addenda 3/25: David Mehegan, who authored a two articles in February about Wikipedia, covers Britannica’s claims in The Boston Globe.

3/28: Nature responds (.pdf) to Britannica’s assertions, mentioning that Britannica contacted Nature soon after the study appeared, but Britannica did not follow up with Nature’s initial response. Nature explains more about the process of completing their study and demonstrates that they tried to treat Britannica and Wikipedia the same.