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May 20 Thursday at Berkman


We had a relatively low-tech Thursday night at Berkman Center, with no
webcast or IRC, but with some new bloggers, new sites to look at, and a
discussion of aggregators and RSS features led by Andrew Grumet.

Newcomers  included Jill Fallon (Legacy Matters) and Bill Ives (Portals and KM), who were both curious about ways to incorporate RSS feeds and aggregators in their special-topic blogs.

Lisa Williams said reading other blogs in an aggregator has become a central part of writing her own blog, while serves up her site’s list of more than 100 favorite blogs.

Along with an overview of RSS aggregators as a quick way to keep up
with dozens of constantly-changing blogs, Andrew showed how he uses a Radio aggregator to not only read news, but poll an uptime monitor for He also demonstrated the Share Your OPML services he has created, including find that feed, and pointed to Syndic8 as a place to track down even more feeds.

On the subject of building and extending blogging tools, Shimon Rura demonstrated his Frassle site’s menu and outlining, and Lisa pointed to several tools she uses.

Other sites and blogging tools that added to the discussion:



myself during the meeting, but
recovering some lost notes and typing this post are about all I 
have time for tonight. Comments, corrections, annotations for the link list and other additions greatly appreciated… 

First update: That’s right, I did contribute something to the meeting — the Democrat National Convention blogger-credential information that I’d blogged about two weeks ago, since it was on this week’s meeting agenda.

May 20 Thursday at Berkman …