Is 576 feeds a newspaper RSS record?


The New York Times has just upped its RSS channel total to 27 feeds, but while writing about it yesterday, I discovered a newspaper with a whopping 576 page-specific feeds… including one in (and about) Gaelic and another about men in kilts.

In case that isn’t enough of a hint, the feeding-frenzied paper is The Scotsman, national newspaper for the land of at least some of my ancestors… a fine place where it was apparently worth a headline to tell folks that, “Penny Lancaster, the underwear model, has failed in a bid to buy Jack McConnell’s infamous pin-striped kilt for her partner, Rod Stewart.”

Talk about using RSS to get “News on Demand“!

Actually, if there’s an online newspaper out there doing more to provide varied and useful RSS feeds, tell me about it in the comments or by e-mail!

(More fun facts than you could possibly want to know about the “land of my ancestors” reference:
Hidden behind the generic “Bob,” I’m named after my grandmother’s hero and Scotland’s legendary king, Robert the Bruce. M
y Glasgwegian grandmother had consented to name my father both for “Robert” and for my Stepnegian grandfather, “Stanley.” That made my late Dad the initial ”RSS” in my experience. He was pretty good for a feed and a decent aggregator, too, and I wish I’d gotten to say that to him on Father’s Day because he liked a joke, no matter how bad. On any day, this has been a fine excuse to type the words “Glasgwegian grandmother” and coin the word “Stepnegian.”)

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