Hello (again) world!


The kind folks at Berkman Center (particularly J Baumgart and Sebastian Diaz) have helped me continue to use the Weblogs at Harvard Law School blog server, where I started my second-longest-running blog four years ago as a regular participant in the Thursday night blogging round-table. (The weekly event started by Dave Winer as a Berkman Fellow and blogging guru, and the launchpad for his first Bloggercon “unconferences.”)

“Continue to use the server…” isn’t exactly the right phrase, since this is a new server. Dave’s original Manila server at Harvard is being retired, so this and other early Harvard blogs have been shifted to one running Word Press, a more recent blog platform. I’ve completed the “migration” process this morning after just a little fumbling with old half-remembered passwords and such.

It looks like my old posts have made the transition, but the actual title of the blog did not at first — probably because there was an apostrophe in the original name.
After a few minutes of browsing through Word Press’s menus, I’ve found the “Options” page where the blog title was recorded, typed in the original Red Liner name, and the change appears to have worked. Quite painless.

I look forward to investigating the Word Press page templates and design options soon… and to purging the old blog posts of accumulated comment-spam.

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1 Comment

  1. Bob

    March 29, 2007 @ 11:23 pm


    Sorry Joe…

    I just noticed (and deleted) a “comment” someone posted here, saying,

    >QUOTE: purging the old blog posts of accumulated comment-spam.
    > I have to agree that your blog has indeed been a spam trap.
    >Thanks for cleaning this up. It’ll be much
    > easier to read your articles.

    What a nice comment! But the web link on the comment went to a “new car quote” site.

    So I’ve deleted it as my first comment-spam-about-comment-spam. If it was a legit comment, I apologize.