About (2011)


This site is now a supplement to my main Other Journalism blog, previously known as Couranteer, inspired by the newspaper where I was a reporter for 11 years.

The original purposes of this blog were to facilitate my taking part in the blogging roundtable at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, and to demonstrate the Userland Manila blogging system.

The double irony is that I’m closer to the Blue Ridge than the Red Line, too far away to be a Thursday meeting regular, and Berkman has shifted its blog service from Manila to Word Press…

So now this blog is an archive of the original, a place to try to maintain some connection with Berkman Center friends. It was also a place to ritually cross my fingers about that main blog of mine — which, like Berkman’s original server, ran on an aging Userland blogging system, and now has been replaced with a WordPress system.

For a bit more history, see this blog’s original About page.

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