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Things to read later


I’ll probably have something to say about these in my other weblog eventually.

Forbes on printing-press owners recent digital acquisitions.

Times exec interview at PaidContent

Is your news over-“balanced”?


Columbia Journalism Review’s “Blinded by Science” article from last summer
may come in handy in my news writing class discussion of fact-checking, multiple-sourcing and public relations.

Likewise New York Times public editor Daniel Okrent’s recent “It’s Good to Be Objective. It’s Even Better to Be Right,” which builds on his earlier “Analysts Say Experts are Hazardous to Your Health.”

(Note to past readers & RSS subscribers: Because I can access this Manila blog from home, office or lab, I’ve decided to use it as a parking space for “may come in handy in class” links, whether they are “breaking news” or several months old, like the CJR one.)