Stop Torture

The Harvard Anti-Torture Coalition


Stop Torture is maintained by the Harvard Anti-Torture Coalition, a group of students from the Harvard Law School and Harvard College.

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    there is an urgent need to act more in this regard…

  5. dave Says:

    many thanks for this strong voice against the monster called torture in our society.

  6. Prosperity Says:

    This is a strong call… Am ever in support!

  7. Prosperity Says:

    Fight for freedom! Live for passion!

  8. John Wicks Says:

    My children will make me proud… harvard scholars! Fighting for their rights!

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    Harvadians arise!

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    Fight for freedom! Live for passion!

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    Everyone had the right to live. We must a be given the freedom and say no to TORTURE

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    Sometimes, I wonder if I can do without visiting this site once in a day. Keep adding valuable contents. Thank you

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    they are acting good and should continue this to stop that!!

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