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YeSanPo 野三坡

Posted in Life in China, Travels on October 11th, 2006

My friend Clifford recently pointed out the nature of the word ‘play’ in China. Play, or 玩 (say wan), is ubiquitous. Little kids running around after school — they’re going out to 玩. Old people playing cards or mah jiang — they like to 玩. Young people drinking themselves silly and dancing — oh they’re just 玩-ing. Plaything — 玩艺儿 — encompasses everything from dolls to fireworks to condoms. And of course, when you’re grudgingly coming back to work/classes on Monday, your colleagues ask you, “Was your weekend good play?”

Below are pictures from a weekend trip to “play” at YeSanPo (野三坡), a small village a little outside Beijing.

JuMa River


Rocket Launcher

Rocket launcher in front of old town

Scorpion Man

The Scorpion Man. yum.

Horses on mountain

Horses just chillin

Smiling horse, smiling me.

Me and my horse, Xiao Baaaaaii

Long road ahead

The long road ahead.


Rachel rocking the fireworks.


Firework twirlers.


Firework light writing anyone?


This only looks dangerous.


This is dangerous.