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stuck in my head.

Posted in Randomness on September 29th, 2007

You held my head over the edge of the bed. I remember it now, but at the time I thought I was dead. You put a pan there, and held back my hair. How can I repay you for saving me? How can I repay for saving me and my hardwood floor?

The perfect fall meal

Posted in Randomness on December 4th, 2006

A bowl of rice porridge. Two vegetable stuffed bao zi (buns). A roasted sweet potato from the vendors outside. Cost: 5 kuai, or 60 cents.

A brief note.

Posted in Randomness on September 12th, 2006

Apologies for the absence. Apparently, is not accessible from China. Hence, the salvaged entries have been post-dated.


Driving. 08.18.06

Posted in Randomness on September 12th, 2006

I really enjoy the sound made when you drive under a bridge. Woosh woosh woosh as each pillar passes, then boom, free.