More Aziz Mian…

There’s no one quite like ‘Aziz

Some lines:

Main sharaabi, yaaron mujhe muaaaf karo Main nashe mein hoon, yaaron mujhe muaaaf karo Sheeshe mein mai, mai mein nasha, main nashe mein hoon Ye apni masti hai, jisne machayi hai halchal Nasha sharaab mein hota to nachti botal

  I’m a drunkard; forgive me, my friends. I’m intoxicated; forgive me, my friends. There’s wine in the glass, there’s intoxication in the wine, and I am intoxicated. But, no, this hubbub is of my own nature. If intoxication lay in the wine, the bottle would do a drunken dance.

Jannat jo mile, laa kar maikhaane mein rakh dena Kausar ko mere chhote se paimaane mein rakh dena Mayyat na meri jaa kar veerane mein rakh dena Balki paimaanon mein dafnaa kar maikhaane mein rakh dena Saaqi abhi maikhaane ka dar band na karna Shaayad mujhe jannat ki hawa raas na aaye

  If they give me paradise, just leave it for me in the tavern. Pour the entire fountain of paradise into my little goblet. When I die, don’t go leaving my body in some forlorn place. Just bury me in goblets, and leave them in the tavern. And, listen, don’t lock up the tavern just yet either. It’s entirely possible that paradise won’t suit me too well.



Kho gaya hai kya khuda jo dhoondhta phirta hai tu?
  Has God got himself lost that you go searching for him everywhere?




To farishte poochhenge mehshar mein paakbaazon se Gunah kyoon na kare, kya khuda rahim na tha?

  Trust me, the angels will ask the pious on judgement day: “Why didn’t you sin? Didn’t you trust in God’s mercy?”


Ay Allah, waiz ki bandagi hai jahannum ke khauf se Maine gunah kiye tujhe ghaffar samajh kar

 The preacher is pious only because he’s terrified of hell, Lord. Whereas me, I sinned freely, trusting in your mercy (Hashr Ke Roz Main Poochhunga)

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