Love beyond words…

Ibn al-Fāriḍ
In the art of describing his beauty, time itself expires
and yet still there remains in him, what has not been described


وعـلى تَـفَنّنِ واصِـفيهِ بِحُسْنِهِ          يَـفنى الـزّمانُ وفيه ما لم يُوصف



A robe woven from the cloth of 29 letters
would still fall short of his glory


ألا أنّ ثوبا خيط من نسج تسعة     وعشرين حرفاً من معاليه قاصر


Whoever’s tasted the drink of our people knows it
And will only pour the purest wine
Passing out, he’ll know the outcome of his oblivion
And whoever realizes this tomorrow will give his soul for it


من ذاق طعم شراب القوم يدريه      ولم يروق رحيقاً غير صافيه

يغمى عليه فيدري غب غيبته     ومن دراه غدا بالروح يشريه




Whatever description or explanation I give of love
when I reach love, I am ashamed of it
Although the description of the tongue clarifies
love that is tongueless is of grater clarity
As the pen hastened to write
when it came to love, it split on itself
In describing love, Reason becomes mired
like an ass in mud
It is love alone, it is love alone
which has explained love and being in love



هرچه گویم عشق را شرح و بیان
چون به عشق آیم خجل باشم از آن
گرچه تفسیر زبان روشنگرست
لیک عشق بی‌زبان روشنترست
چون قلم اندر نوشتن می‌شتافت
چون به عشق آمد قلم بر خود شکافت
عقل در شرحش چو خر در گل بخفت
شرح عشق و عاشقی هم عشق گفت


The tongue of the pen cannot express the mystery of love
The description of longing is beyond the limits of writing


قلم را ان زبان نبود كه سرّ عشق گويد باز
وراى حدّ تقرير است شرح ارزومندى