Your face like the moon


May your charming face ever shine like the full moon;
May you hold eternal sway over the domains of beauty.
By your amorous glance you have killed a poor man like me;
How magnanimous of you? May God give you a long life.
Pray do not be cruel lest you should feel ashamed of yourself
Before your lovers on the day of judgment.
I shall be set free from the bonds of the two worlds
If you become my companion for a while.
By your wanton playfulness you must have destroyed
Thousands of hearts of lovers like that of Khusrau.



Bakhubi hamcho mah tabindah baashi;
Bamulk-e dilbari paayindah baashi.
Man-e darvish ra kushti baghamzah;
Karam kardi Ilahi zindah baashi.
Jafaa kam kun ki farda roz-e mehshar;
Baru-e aashiqan sharmindah baashi.
Ze qaid-e dojahan azad baasham;
Agar tu hum-nashin-e bandah baashi.
Barindi-o bashokhi hamcho Khusrau;
Hazaran khanuman barkandah baashi.



What is brighter than the moon?

This lovely performance begins with a verse by the celebrated Persian poet Sa’adi (d. 1292), then another verse by Fakhr ad-din ‘Iraqi (d. 1289), and finally a poem by Amir Khusro (d. 1325)


Grant me a warm new life or grant me a hot death
I bow my head to your rule, and take You as my king.

-Sa ‘adī


Why should our enemies be so fortunate to die by your hands?
The heads of living friends are  waiting for your dagger.


I asked: “What is brighter than the moon?” She said: “It is my face.”
I asked: “What is sweeter than sugar?” She said: “It is my speech.”
I asked about the death of lovers; She said; “The pain of being separated from me.”
I asked about the cure of life; She said: “It is the sight of my face.”
I asked about the way of lovers; She said: “Fidelity.”
I said: “Then do not be cruel and wicked.” She said: “That is my task.”
I said: “Are you a houri or a fairy?” She said: “I am the King of idols”
I said: “Khusrau is helpless.” She said: “Worship me.”




اگرم حیات بخشی و گرم هلاک خواهی
سر بندگی به حکمت بنهم که پادشاهی


نہ شود نصب دشمن، کہ شود ہلاک تیغت
سر دوستاں سلامت، کہ تو خنجر آزمائی

گفتم که روشن از قمر گفتا که رخسار منست
گفتم که شیرین از شکر گفتا که گفتار منست
گفتم طریق عاشقان گفتا وفاداری بود
گفتم مکن جور و جفا، گفتا کہ این کار منست
گفتم کہ مرگِ ناگہاں، گفتا که درد هجر من
گفتم علاج زندگی ،گفتا که دیدار منست
گفتم که حوری یا پری ، گفتا که من شاه ِ بتاں
گفتم که خسرو ناتوان گفتا پرستار منست

امير خسرو-

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