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Welcome to the Berkman Summer Intern Blog

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It’s a little crowded in the Berkman Center’s physical domain. Interns (myself included) cluster into the kitchen, the conference room, the library, or any other space with power outlets and chairs that appears unoccupied in the cozy environs of 23 Everett Street. Don’t be misled. We are a happy bunch, and closeness in physical proximity only makes us a more cohesive pack of interns.

Whatever space the Berkman lacks in “the real world,” the Center more than makes up for with expansive digital real estate. The Center’s website is as deep as it is wide (which is saying a lot of about its archives) and contains any number of links to projects, and initiatives currently underway. There is also a rich, digital neighborhood of Berkman blogs, which covers everything from the personal lives of staffers and fellows, to official journals of on-going research. Like I said, it might not be the biggest place in meat space, but on the internet it feels endless.

Pleasantly endless.

Which brings us to the 2008 Interns Blog, another notable addition in the bustling digital metropolis of the Berkman Center online. In this space, the summer’s 30+ interns will be posting updates on their work and research at the Center in addition to personal introductions and notes on their time at Harvard this summer. We are a fascinating bunch, I can tell you. Doctoral candidates, law students, and undergraduates alike compose this year’s pool, all sharing the unique perspectives, and experiences on issues of contemporary networked culture and societal paradigms.

Please join us in discussing these issues by commenting on posts you find fascinating, engaging, misleading, off-the-mark, on-target, etc. Please feel free to add new insights or angles for us interns to consider. It will much appreciated.

In any case, welcome to the 2008 Summer Interns Blog at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. We hope you enjoy the conversations of this digital kitchen, where we interns can stretch out for a moment with our ideas in the vast void of cyberspace, without bumping shoulders.

— Zachary McCune

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