Google Checkout set to launch


Google is finally ready to launch it’s Checkout online payment service, that allows individuals to buy goods online directly from Google search sites.  I, for one, will certainly give Checkout a try.  Their technology has been simple and straightforward to use.  This will certainly be troubling news for eBay’s Paypal as there is finally someone with signficant funds to compete with them.

Google Checkout
checks in

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  1. Wave Shoppe

    April 29, 2007 @ 2:44 am


    We are a merchant that is steadily outgrowing PayPal and we suspect that we will also outgrow Google Checkout as well. One of the biggest complaints from merchants using PayPal is the lack of support and communication with the merchants. Experience tells us that the credit card companies will never make any attempts to stem credit card fraud. It is way too profitable for them. So when a merchant gets a chargeback in PayPal it is without explanation and you can almost count on losing in a claim.

    If Google would sit down and actually listen to and act on merchant feedback we could possibly be convinced to switch, how about a wireless credit card terminal that is tied into your Google payment gateway? Yes I know, why would anyone want to pay for just one payment processor.