Contextual listings – the need for private aliases for connectivity


The market is finally starting to move towards private, aliased-based directory listings that can be utilized for connectivity.  These DNS-based listings can be alpha character-based (e.g., Best Plumber in Boston) or numeric-based (e.g., a second alias phone number that is not your actual phone number).   By creating an abstraction laver between your actual phone number and your directory listings gives individuals the power of privacy, control and personalization.

People want to be connected between folks they know, but don’t want to reveal their private information (e.g., actual mobile phone number).   One can see the benefit for those within the social networking and dating world – connecting without revealing your personal details.  One can also see the applicability within the professional world – providing simple ways for people to pass their contact information in simple, easy-to-remember listings.

Market events are confirming this market move – you can download your Skype buddy list on your mobile phone and make mobile calls via this buddy list, without need the reveal your mobile number.   the new year promises to bring more developments – both privacy and convenience based. 

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