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More pictures of dad


More pictures of my father, 안건일,  as he pushes for a National Assembly seat (한나라당) in the following areas: 괴산·음성·진천·증평을

dads-banner.jpg Campaign banner in 음성

dad-and-president.jpg My father with the newly elect president of South Korea

Good luck dad


My father, Kunil Ahn, officially announced yesterday that he is entering the race for National Assembly (US version of the Senate) in the Gaesan/Eumseong area for the Grand National Party. This has been something that he has been wanting to do for a while and he made it official, particularly since his father served 4 terms in the same district.

The nomination election is schedule for April 9th. Take a look at his website at  Good luck dad

Congrats to my dad


I wanted to say congrats to my father, Ken Ahn, who has dedicated himself to education for over 30 years.  From a college professor to a secondary school principal, education is our family’s true focus.  Dad was recently give a lifetime achievement award from the International Confederation of Principals this past week in New Zealand.  I just want to say “Congrats dad” for many years of hard work in a field that is close to my heart.   [Pictures of the ceremony are here]  

The great work at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital


Being a dog lover, it is always a welcome relief when you find and can depend on emergency personnel for your pet, whenever the time.  The folks at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital (in Jamaica Plains), particular Dr. Nancy Laste, are good folks.  We have found that the bedside manner of the various doctors there have consistently been excellent.  Having lost two dogs within the past year and rescuing two more, its been quite emotional, of late, dealing with a sick animal.

DSC00775.JPGWhile their pricing structure can be expensive at times (and I know they have had some some negative feedback within the community about this issue), I haven’t questioned it, given the level of care we have received and the current condition of our little Sammie.  Want to thank those people for literally saving the little guy’s life.


Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial – long over due


I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial yesterday in DC as a guest of my sister, Mimi Ahn, who is one of the key designers for the memorial.  Very impressed with her and her company, The ROMA Design Group, for their outstanding work – they are certainly part of history. 


As I sat listening to all the presenters (President Bush, President Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Diana Sawyer, Barak Obama, Andrew Young), I got a true appreciation of the impact this man had on this nation and the importance that his work still has today.  I was most impressed with the speeches of Dr. King’s daughters.  Their father’s passion about equality and love certainly lives in them.

Yet with all the praise about Dr. King, there was much discussion on the long road ahead.  Are we better off these days in this international world we live in?  Violence still rains supreme in many parts of the world, much in fact created by the US.  The memorial, while long over due and certainly appropriate for a man who lliterally gave his life for the pursue of equality and nonviolence, should be a reminder that there is still much to be done – violence and hate breeds violence and hate. 

Welcome Piper and Sammie to the family


We welcome two newcomers to our family, Piper from Florida and Sammie from South Carolina.  They are such a joy.


We also want to thank the wonderful people of Shihtzu and Furbaby Rescue, particularly Peter, Barbara and Robin from Furbaby and Karen (with Sammie) and Debbie (with Piper), their respective foster moms.  If anyone is looking for a lovable 4 legged creature, please check them out.  They do a terrific job with these lovable animals.

My Lenny


Our little Lenny passed away yesterday, Sept 7, 2006.  We love you and will miss you with all our heart..


Happy birthday Grandfather


Want to wish my grandfather, Ahn Dong Joon, a happy 88th birthday.  We celebrated yesterday in Korea with the family.  Some pictures on his day – nearly 700 people attended.

DSC00467.JPG DSC00469.JPG

Happy 100 days to little Nate Choe


Best wishes to my little nephew Nate – happy 100 days old little guy..