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The new objective software quality platform – Settletop


One of the big problems in the Department of Defense is an objective view of the quality of software being produced.  Often the government has very limited understanding of the quality of this software be created and managed by third parties.  A new company, Settletop ( is being created just to focus on this by partnering with best of breed software vendors to provide an unbiased, objective view of the software – through a trusted, platform.  We will see if it will be successful but it is the right idea.

Koreans starting to make ‘entrepreneurship’ noise


Finally getting plugged into the Korean entrepreneur scene – while still a ways to go, encouraged by the work done by the Korea Innovation Center (KIC).  Great with by Dr. Jay Kim and Jongwon (JP) Park. Hopefully more to come.



Importance of inspiring the next generation of leaders


NSF I-corp – great program


As a mentor for the MIT team for the NSF I-Corp program, I must say it was an experience well-worth the time and effort – customer discovery re-defined.  Appreciative of the fact that key insights can come out of data-driven discovery of potential customers …  100% supportive of this great program.


Sunny Ahn NSF mentor

MWC parties for 2012


For those going to MWC next week, a good site to find out about the latest parties in Barcelona..…

Perfect opportunity for those to make new connections with various people..

Mobile World Congress time again


Every February, the mobile world makes its way to Barcelona, Spain to find out about the latest mobile developments.  I look forward to see the latest in the telecommunication world, including new devices, platform services such as OTT video and the evolution of wireless infrastructure, particularly around small cell/hetnet architectures.  If you are going, do let me know… I’ll be there to write about it..

Context Connect gets another patent in directory services


Congrats again to my company, Context Connect, for receiving another patent, this time in China.   For more information, visit the company site at

Press release sites


Those looking to submit a press release should look at the following list.  Some sites are free, but generally the “paying” sites offer better coverage with news sites:

PRWeb –
PR Urgent –
PRLeap –
PR Newswire –
PRWeb Direct –
The Open Press –
Free Press Release – –
I-Newswire –
PR Free
OpenPress –
Press Release Network –
Soft Press Release –
Market Wire –
URL Wire –
Web Wire –
EMediaWire –
BusinessWire –
Canada Newswire –
Press Release Network –

A great inexpensive site for marketing materials


While I generally do not like advocating the services of a company (particularly in a public forum), there is a good website that provides a simple and inexpensive way to create marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures and other materials.  Vista Print provides simple-to-use templates that individuals to use to create their own look and feel, particularly those small to medium business folks looking to create simple products – they often have free samples just to test them out –

Interesting flight fare prediction site


I was recently introduced to a website,, that provides individuals with information on whether to buy for flights now or wait, based on their airfare prediction technology.  While it only provides information for key domestic cities (no international cities yet), the site is full of interesting information such as booking fees and bonus miles by airlines.