Infectious Agents and Cancer published a study relating gum disease to esophageal cancer.  The most remarkable and relying data is that the bacterium P. gingivalis was found in 61% of the cancerous tissue samples.

Co-senior author Huizhi Wang, assistant professor of oral immunology and infectious diseases at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, says:

“These findings provide the first direct evidence that infection could be a novel risk factor for ESCC, and may also serve as a prognostic biomarker for this type of cancer.”

Furthermore, Professor Wang says should further studies actually prove that P. gingivalis causes ESCC, then the implication would be enormous, and:

“It would suggest that improving oral hygiene may reduce ESCC risk; screening for P. gingivalis in dental plaque may identify susceptible subjects; and using antibioitcs or other antibacterial strategies may prevent ESCC progression”

I’d be interested to know how this would affect antibiotic resistance – more to come!

Brush your teeth and go to the dentist people!