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Beggar’s Hands

December 10th, 2014 · No Comments

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In The Beggar’s Strike, the people of the novel learned how important the beggars were to everyday life and religion. For this creative project, I chose to sculpt a pair of begging hands out of clay. These hands are a symbol of beggars across societies. In general, hands lifted toward the sky represent people waiting for an offering. In The Beggar’s Strike, when the beggars disappeared, people were unable to function, there was no one for them to help. In our society, people ignore and turn a blind eye to beggars, pretending they do not exist. I believe the act of sculpting something is very personal, because you are making it come alive with your own hands, it is a very primitive thing, but becomes so much more than just a physical representation of the symbol. The act of sculpting is perhaps even more important than the outcome of the piece. When you are sculpting something, you really have to think about how everything works together to have it be an accurate representation. This piece was especially interesting because I was making hands with my hands. Although this might seem trivial, hands are such a vital part of our body, especially in the story The Beggar’s Strike, the hands are basically the livelihood for many people. I thought to make these hands, because when you see the hands, they look like they are just waiting for something. Although basic, I think it is a very striking piece that reveals more than it seems at a first glance. 

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