From Rags to Riches: How Nick Bell Turned His Last $400 into $45million




At the age of 24, Melbournian Nick Bell decided to quit his recruitment job and launch his own skincare business, SkinB5. But, after three years selling the product designed to control acne, Nick had just $400 in his bank account. The business wasn’t going well.

But, always an optimist, he saw a silver lining – since his business was online-only, he’d picked up plenty of knowledge about search engine optimisation over the years. In what he described as his ‘last crack’, Nick turned his bedroom into an office and invested $250 into a website to start his own SEO company, Web Marketing Expert.

Today, WME turns over at least $45 million globally, with offices in seven different countries around the world. So, how did he do it?

Reinvesting Every Dollar

Just five days after his new business launched, Nick’s perseverance had already begun to pay off and soon he had his first cheque from a paying client, whose SEO he had worked on all by himself. Soon, Nick would receive a large payment of $10,000 from one of his early clients; he decided to invest this money back into the company and was able to significantly expand, finally renting an office space and even hiring his first full-time team member.  

Giving Up Home Comforts

Although Nick may be known as a Smart50 finalist today, things weren’t always going so great for him. In fact, during the early stages of his SEO business, he describes finding himself in a situation that felt like he was back at university, except for that he was in his late twenties by now. Looking back, he says that to save money, he furnished his room with items that he’d found dumped in rubbish heaps; his concerned mother even advised him to go back to the corporate life and ‘get a real job’.

Employing the Right People

Neither the hardships he faced nor his mum’s worries could deter Nick. With his experience in recruitment, he knew that hiring the right people would take his company to the top. Today, he says that he ‘has to like’ the people he works with; developing strong relationships with his team members has certainly paid off. On picking the right people, Nick says that it’s important to surround yourself with passionate employees who care about your company.

Constantly Evolving

On working in the SEO industry, Nick’s advice is that ‘a sense of urgency is absolutely critical’. With 4,500 competitors trying to beat him in Australia alone, Nick says that without a sense of urgency, he would have undoubtedly been beaten.

Delivering the Best Results

With four years working in the hospitality industry behind him, Nick knows a thing or two about delivering great customer services. His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to always be on your game; when it comes to service, it’s crucial to always deliver on what you say to improve your reputation and relationships with your customers or clients.

The main secret? Nick always wants to do better. No matter which milestone he reaches, there’s always another one ready for him to go for.

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Why Everyone’s Moving Their Personal Files to the Cloud


If you’ve been around computers at any point during the last few years then you have probably heard about ‘the Cloud’. This refers to a network of servers which each have a different, specific function. The first thing to understand about the Cloud is that it’s not physical – hence the name!

Chances are, you encounter the Cloud daily without even realising it. If you’ve ever used an online service such as Google Drive or iCloud, then you’re probably thinking ‘Ahhh! I know what that is!’

Moving your file and document storage online has become more and more popular as the available services have begun to take off. If you’re wondering why it’s worth moving all your physical files from your hard drive and into Cloud storage, there are many good reasons. Let’s look at some of the main ones!

Reason #1. Easier Access:

If you’ve ever left your laptop behind at home and then realised that you can’t access an important file you needed because it’s saved on there, you’ll love moving to the Cloud.

When you store your files and documents in Google Drive, for example, you can access them from any device with an internet connection simply by logging into your Google account. The same is true for other popular internet storage services; for example, iCloud, DropBox or OneDrive. Whichever you use, the idea is the same – all you need to do to access your stuff is enter your username and password.

Reason #2. Improved Security:

Secondly, another hugely popular reason for shifting all your files into Cloud storage is that it improves their security. For example, if you have important work documents stored on your business laptop that could do some serious damage in the wrong hands, there’s always the risk that your computer is going to be lost, damaged or stolen and those documents could end up with anyone.

Even worse, if you don’t have your files backed up, you may never see them again unless you find a good data recovery service such as Technetics Data.

Reason #3. Peace of Mind:

Today, we store all sorts of important things on our gadgets and many of them are highly personal and precious to us. For example, if you have hundreds of photos of your children growing up stored on your iPhone, you’re going to be broken-hearted if it is lost, damaged or stolen taking all your wonderful family snaps along with it.

So, it makes sense to upload those photos, along with any other important documents and files that you might have, into a storage area where you can be sure they’ll remain safe regardless of what happens to your device. Our gadgets aren’t infallible; you never know if it will suddenly break or worse; what happens if you were to accidentally drop your smartphone in the bath? On the other hand, since the internet isn’t physical, documents stored on the web are mostly safe forever.


Don’t forget; the Cloud also makes it easier to share your files with others. Using Google Drive, for example, you can create a spreadsheet, slideshow or document and instantly send it to anyone you like, who can then view and edit it straight away. If you’re working on a project, this allows multiple people to work on the same thing at once!


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