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Guide To Student Housing Near Your Campus In The NYC Metro Area

Student Housing

Students from all across the globe visit NYC in search of good education in some of the world-class Universities. Naturally, the student housing sector in NYC is flourishing by leaps and bounds. International students are increasing exponentially every year and most of them prefer off-campus housing due to several reasons. It is a fact that NYC receives more freshmen students every year than any other city in the country.

It is quite understandable that students need pocket-friendly condos to live near the campus preferably. This guide can be really helpful for students who are looking for inexpensive accommodation options in NYC. If you are a student looking for a suitable place to live near your college campus, then you can consult with professional services for Manhattan Miami Real Estate to get ideal suggestions and guidance on finding a suitable accommodation.

The intention of this “guide to student housing near the college campus in the NYC metro area” is to help you out in finding the best accommodation which will help you to make your living peaceful and happy in NYC.

Apartments that can save your money

Instead of going through a broker, you can directly get in touch with the owners of the apartments and get the best deal.

There are sites where the owners directly list their apartments. This is how you can get a great apartment at a comparatively lower price because you do not have to pay the broker’s fee.

If you are not into a full-time job, ensuring a monthly income which is 40 times the rent and showing a credit score of 700 at least, is a pretty difficult affair.

So, what can you do?

You can get a guarantor who will be responsible for the rent if you fail to pay the rent. When you are directly dealing with the owner, the credibility factor increases, you can develop a cordial relationship with the owner to make sure that the legal transaction is completed faster and easier.

Neighborhood matters

There are websites where you can check the livability score of a neighborhood and decide what to do. You need to know this because if you do not get an inexpensive and suitable apartment near your University, you have to depend on public conveyance.

Check whether there is scope for getting buses at a regular interval or not from your neighborhood. The NYC subway is pretty cheap including other public transport systems. So, ensure that you take an apartment in a neighborhood from where you will get easy access to the nearest subway, bus line, and so on to reach your university fast. For example, If you are studying at Columbia University you can reach the University easily from anywhere near the #1 line which moves from West Village through Chelsea, Upper West Side, through Harlem, Washington Heights and finally Inwood.

If you are a student at the NYU then getting ready access to your university from neighborhoods near Brooklyn is not a problem at all because you have the F, Q, R, 5, 6, and L trains at your disposal.

The perks of off-campus student housing

If you love privacy then certainly off-campus housing will provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

Yes, it a fact that NYC is not quite like other college towns, hence getting an accommodation fit for college students can be tough but it is not impossible, provided you need to know where to look for.

Some students do not like to live in a dorm with many roommates flocking around all the time and they choose to live alone freely. An apartment will allow you to live life on your terms, you do not have to seek permission to go out every time at night or if you decide to stay the night at a friend’s place, you can easily do that when you are living all alone or maybe with a roommate. Also living alone means you have to fend for yourself so, you must consider the proximity of hospitals, departmental stores, restaurants, recreational areas, and much more.

So, it is better to research well about the neighborhood before moving in.

Why Should You Read More Books

Read More Books

You must have heard of the great scientist Michael Faraday?

Yes, the person whose contribution to electromagnetism and electrochemistry is huge. He belonged to a very poor family but that didn’t stop him from gaining knowledge. After receiving very basic education he had started working as a bookbinder and newspaper deliverer. But whenever he got the time he read more and more to become who he was. The entire world knows him for his erudition and great work.

Reading is probably the best hobby one can have. It is needless to mention that there are innumerable benefits of reading… reading makes you smarter, more knowledgeable, more focused and the list continues. For those who are not into reading that much must inculcate this good habit without fail.

Let us now look at some benefits of reading books…

  • Boosts mental health

Scientific studies have shown that reading helps your brain to think more and thereby stimulates your brain cells which have the potentiality to delay dementia and give you a happy life. Reading can also improve the quality of your life which affects your overall health positively. Reading is basically the exercise of the brain because after all, the brain is muscle which requires exercises to grow like any other muscle in our body.

  • Proven stress buster

Nowadays, in our busy lives, one thing is common and that is stress. We are all stressed out because of various reasons, some have work-related stress while others have relationship-related stress or something else… so what can be done to overcome this situation? Start reading more and more. Just get lost within stories. A lovely novel will transport you to some other world and at least momentarily you will live in that moment forgetting all your stress and that is beneficial for your health.

  • Improves knowledge

As stated earlier, reading is the key to knowledge. Becoming smarter than others is not a bad thing, is it? The new information that you get stays in your brain. Knowledge can help you deal with any situation in life.

  • Enriches vocabulary

Reading exposes you too different new words. If you are well-spoken or articulate know that you will gain a lot in your professional life too. People will love to talk to you and believe it or not people who are articulate and well-spoken are considered to be more attractive. You’ll be aware of a lot of things going on in the world starting right from literature to science…. Read about anything and everything whenever you get time.

  • Sharpens analytical skills

If you read more and more mystery novels or thrillers your analytical skills will improve for example reading Sherlock Holmes can actually help you and after some time you’ll start thinking like Mr. Holmes and you’ll know criminals do leave loose ends…. However, the stronger the analytical thinking abilities, the better. The ability to analyze the minor details will help you in understanding and critiquing the literary piece. You’ll know whether the piece is at all nicely written or not. In family meetings or meeting with friends, we discuss different books, their merits and demerits so, you too will be able to put forward your views and thoughts.

  • Develops wider worldview

Do you want to be a great writer someday? Then start reading from today itself. Reading and writing are inseparable you see… the more you go through well-written articles, books, novels, etc. the better for you. Your perspective will evolve gradually. Your writing style will improve, thinking will mature and you will develop into being an amazing writer with a writing style that will be well appreciated.

  • Self-improvement tool

Reading is definitely a tool for self-improvement. You get to understand the world in a brighter light. Sometimes you get to understand your shortcomings like lack of concentration which you can improve by reading more and more. You get to communicate better with the people around you. Show people that you are interesting and you know about so many things… people are ought to like you because they will connect with you very fast and you will have something to talk about, reading improves your personality as a whole…you go on to become more confident and smart without a doubt.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that Readers’ Favorite is an awesome site which helps readers to explore their wide collection of books. They have several hundred thousand books in over 150 genres from new indie authors to iconic bestsellers and celebrities. This is an enjoyable book lovers’ community. You can also interact with other readers and ask for a recommendation.

Reading can actually transform the entire ‘you’ so, start reading more and more, encourage others to inculcate this good habit too, get exposed to new things and explore as much as you can.

No matter what you go through reading can become your true friend for life.

7 Things Every Veteran Rideshare Driver Should Think About

Veteran Rideshare Driver

Are you working for Uber, Lyft or one of the other rideshare apps at the moment? If so, here are some things you need to think about to ensure you can offer the best experience and also care for yourself.

1- Get Enough Rest & Sleep

While you might have a lot of confidence in how long you can go without sleep, sleep deprivation can have dire consequences. Not only does the lack of enough rest and sleep lead to clumsiness, but it also results in forgetfulness and lack of motivation. And if you’re not motivated, you won’t enjoy your work, and you won’t be out there as much.

Fatigue and sleep deprivation will cause you to miss more than a couple of turns, leading to fewer tips and tons of lower ratings.

2- Have A Schedule

If you’re a veteran driver, then you know how tough going out can seem; and that’s precisely why you’ll need a schedule. If you don’t have a program, even the smallest things become the perfect excuse not to go drive. Of course, if you’re not driving, your wallet is suffering. It pays to make a schedule, so make one and stick to it. A program provides veteran drivers with the discipline they need to get behind the wheel – even when there are a million better things to handle.

3- Set Specific And Realistic Goals

Setting specific and realistic goals is a must. While you have to have goals that you’re aiming for, they must be realistic. If you don’t have goals or the ones you have are unrealistic, you’ll get behind the wheel, earn $70, decide what works for you, and the next thing you know your heading home. Also, if you set unrealistic goals and decide that you won’t go back until you make $2,000, then the chances are you’ll go home disappointed. So set goals but make sure they are realistic.

4- Sign Up For Rideshare Insurance

A good number of veteran rideshare drivers are still sitting on the fence regarding the continually changing insurance requirement. They fail to notice how much has changed and that keeping up is a must.

Today, rideshare drivers must get rideshare insurance if they expect to be compensated for damages to their cars and their person in case of an accident. Sadly, very few drivers have this coverage since many drivers have no clue regarding its importance according to Quote Radar.

If you still don’t have rideshare insurance coverage on your personal car insurance policy, you’ll be missing out on comprehensive protection for your car, personal injury protection for your clients and yourself. If you’re in an auto accident and want to access Lyft or Uber’s policies for liability coverage, you’ll be forced first to file a claim with your insurer. And if your plan doesn’t cover rideshare, they will immediately deny the claim and cancel your policy.

Rideshare insurance is not an option; it’s a must-have. Luckily, it’s readily available nationwide. A couple of years back, it was pretty rare and was not offered by any top vehicle insurance companies. But today, most insurers provide it, and it’s a must-have for drivers who use their vehicles for ridesharing.

5- Take An Uber Ride Once A Month

You’re probably wondering how this helps, right? Well, there are numerous benefits for veteran drivers to take an Uber trip every once in a while. Not only do you get to remind yourself how it works from the client’s perspective, but you’ll also get to notice small things that Uber drivers do that annoy their passengers. Taking an Uber trip as a veteran driver allows you to see what to improve and what to avoid. Trust me, your tips and ratings will improve.

The other reason why you should consider taking an Uber ride as a veteran driver is that using their services keeps you updated with how the app works for passengers. This will give you a new perspective, and you’ll understand why some clients get frustrated at times. Also, it will be pretty easy for you to answer your client’s questions regarding the app. And if you can answer their questions, then it’s only natural that your rating and tips will improve.

6- Exercises & Take Breaks

It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to tell that sitting for hours behind the wheel all day and night is terrible for your health. So make sure you step out of the vehicle every once in a while and walk a bit. It would help if you were up and about. And no matter how much you’re struggling to make ends meet, don’t forget to take care of your health. You don’t have to spend 3 hours exercising to stay healthy, spend at least fifteen minutes out of every two hours, and it will make a world of difference.

7- Respect Your Passengers

I know that as a veteran driver, you’ve had your fair share of troublesome passengers – some who can even make the most relaxed person lose their cool. But you can’t let a few terrible experiences get in the way of how you treat each client.

Trust me, treating your passengers with respect will go a long way in helping your tips and ratings. Treat each passenger as if your business depended on them. After all, not only are they paying, but they are also trusting you to take them to their destination.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone for you

smartphone checker

There is a wide range of options in the market when it comes to smartphones, and this has made it harder for people to choose the best one that is going to meet their needs. Over the years, smartphones have become an integral part of the day to day life. They can do most of the functions done by a computer. You can send out messages and phone calls, while also checking emails, watching films or TV series, listening to music, browsing social media, getting directions using Google Maps, and many more. The hard part is the process of going through the different options and choosing one that is going to work for you. Before you go shopping for a smartphone, you need to look at a few basic points and do a little more research, take a look at Smart Phone Checker. The tips below will go a long way in helping you choose the right smartphone for you that will be perfect for your needs.

1- Display Screen Size

Are you looking for a smartphone with a large screen, or will a smaller be okay for you? Many people put a lot of importance on screen size. There are times you might also hear like full HD display, Retina display by Appel, qHD display, AMOLED display. Choose a smartphone that comes with a quality display and also can be used in sunlight without straining. You should consider the pixel density and resolution of the display.

2- Price and Budget

One of the most important factors that you are going to look at is the price and your budget. The good thing about smartphones is that you will be able to find good smartphones to suit every budget. You should try your best to stick within the budget you have set. Huawei is an example of Chinese handset companies that provide similar value and features without paying a lot of money. They are stylish and affordable at the same time.

3- Memory Storage Size

Most modern-day smartphones have microSD card slots, while some don’t come with the option of expanding memory through microSD cards. This is why it is important to put it into consideration. Apple doesn’t offer expandable storage. You should first know how much you are going to need. Look at what you plan on storing on the device. Most people use it to store files, music, photos, and documents. There are cloud-based apps that you can use to store your documents, e.g. Dropbox. Go with a smartphone that has as much storage as possible, provided it is something you can afford. The extra space can end up being important.

4- Operating System

Different brands use different operating systems. The most common operating systems are Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Many brands are operating on the Android platform. IOS is for Apple devices. It is a good idea to experiment before you choose the operating system you need.

5- Battery Life

Battery life is another important factor you need to look at. While the other features are important, you need to have a battery that is going to run the smartphone for a reasonable amount of time. There is no need of getting a phone that you have to charge every other hour. There are some smartphones you can remove and replace the battery, while there are some that you cannot. Many people prefer a smartphone that has a removable battery because it means they can carry around a replacement battery to use when the one inside the phone runs out.

6- Processor and RAM

There are different options when it comes to processors. There are times you will see, some of them include single-core, dual-core, quad-core, and octa-core. Apple powers its smartphones using dual-core processors. When compared to quad-core processors out there, they perform better. Always go with a higher RAM because it improves the performance of the smartphone.

7- The Camera

Cameras on phones have improved, as more and more people become obsessed with selfies. Choose superior optics instead of resolution. Features like the BSI sensor and LED flash are a good idea in a camera.

VelSEOity Discuss How to Improve Online Brand Reputation

brand reputation

A company’s brand reputation has importance for a multitude of reasons, not excluding the fact that it can significantly impact company finances. A recent report stated that corporate reputation has an estimated worth of between 4% and 5% of a company’s annual sales. Furthermore, 65% of senior executives said brand reputation is linked to online sociability. According to Cormac Reynolds of VelSEOity, this means that reputation management costs are often worth their weight in gold.

1- Post on Social Media and Blogs

Writing blog posts and staying on top of all social media developments not only offers a company platform for promotion, but it also facilitates communication with consumers. A company should update the most popular social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook – at least once a day to attract traffic and followers. It’s up to a company which platforms they want to invest the most time into. LinkedIn, for instance, is set up for networking between professionals, whereas Facebook, for example, is better for consumer interactions.

2- Assign an Employee to monitor online Brand Reputation

Tracking social media interactions and views is critical in regards to maintaining a good online reputation. A single negative comment or review can quickly escalate into hundreds within hours, so it’s wise to assign a person, or team, to deal with all online complaints. Assigning an employee to constantly monitor your brand’s online reputation also enables your company to gauge how well it’s performing among consumers, thus encouraging vigilance and transparency. The employee needs to be equipped with the knowledge of company disclosure requirements and understand the limits on the type of information that can be shared in the public domain ie. social media platforms.

3- Deploy a responsive PR strategy

Preparing for online complaints ahead of time only makes sense, and developing a PR strategy could enable you to turn negative online comments into a positive marketing opportunity. Be sure to work closely with marketing teams, investor relations and partners, as collectively agreeing on which teams are responsible for specific online platforms/company websites ensures all web monitoring is organized and structured. It also makes sense to involve divisions that know about legal disclosure laws and encourage them to play a part in the construction of solutions to potential legal issues.

4- Maintain positive Search Results for Brand names

Online reviews have the power to destroy a business overnight. Search engines index positive and negative sentiments about a brand. In the retail industry, in particular, search engines are starting to have increasing influence over the shopping habits of consumers, with more and more buyers now using search engines to research products before placing an order. 44% of online purchases originate from a search engine. Consequently, it’s essential to ensure the search engine results for your company’s name showcase your brand in a positive light. An easy way to track search engine reputation is to use Google alters. You should also monitor brand mentions on social media platforms.

5- Maintain Senior team’s Personal reputations

The social media profiles of executives, CEOs and managers can have a big impact on the online reputation of a company. Board members and senior management teams need to serve as role models to the company and should focus on cultivating a culture of compliance from employees in less senior positions. The personal profiles of all senior personnel need to comply with the strictest privacy standards and should not disclose any photographs or confidential information that could negatively reflect on a company’s reputation. Management teams should always be making a concerted effort to encourage junior employees to operate with integrity and responsibility during all online interactions and to refrain from posting any comments that could jeopardize a company’s reputation.

How To Get Your Voice and Important Stories Noticed with “The Doe”?


Getting our voice and our ideas noticed is the key to change in our society. Improving and increasing the level of democratic debate is pivotal in moving our nation and humanity forward.

The Doe is an anonymous website that aims to facilitate this through offering people the ability to voice their opinion without one of the biggest constraints – work, colleagues, friends and family knowing who you are. They allow people to get their voices noticed anonymously – which gives people the power to say what they want and reveal a particular truth about an important subject. They aim to publish one important story a week and ensure that his important story is noticed – something the mainstream American media doesn’t facilitate at all.

The Doe are professionals when it comes to getting noticed and spreading important news and they offered the tips below.

1- Identify What You Should Actually Shout About

Today more than ever, people are increasingly discussing issues that they are not best placed to speak about. It is worth noting that it is not up to you to change every issue. Part of the reason is that more intersectional and diverse activism is needed and that if we want real, systemic, and meaningful change, it should come from those that know about it best. Voice your opinion on thedoe it is anonymous and verified a place to put opinions forward without judgement.

It is also worth remembering that volunteering, campaigning, and activism is a lot of hard work and the only way to be successful is when it comes from within i.e. it should be part of you. It should be something that you care about so much that when the going gets tough, exhausting, or you encounter roadblocks, the thought of giving up never crosses your mind.

If you simply look around trying to find something to change for the sake of it and not because you are passionate about it, chances are you will quickly run out of steam.

2- Use Your Skills before Plugging Your Gaps

Sit down and note down all the things or areas where you are really good at. It could be working with children, speaking, art, strategy, writing, delegating – anything. While knowing what you would like to shout about is one thing, knowing what delivery system to use is a completely different thing, but it just as important.

It is also important to use strengths unique to you to help you attain the desired change Why? Firstly, because people usually respond to authenticity. Second, making use of something that you are already good at increases your chance of being successful.

Take the example of Tom who launched the disinformation campaign. He knew that he was good at media, digital marketing, public speaking, and getting people emotionally engaged. Was he knowledgeable of the legal technicality and political procedure? No. He didn’t have a clue. So, he found someone that actually was and they worked together as a tight team.

Knowing what your strengths and shortcomings are, being honest about it, and working accordingly is a massive advantage if you would like to use your voice for good.

3- Don’t Stop

Campaigning and activism, regardless of how it is done, can be summarized into one thing. Being persistent until you have worn something or someone down thus creating a change in the process. The only difference between those that are successful and those that aren’t is one thing: never stopping.

Making your voice heard and pushing for something always involves coming across barriers since what you are doing is going against the already established status quo. You should be ready for different eventualities and refuse to stop.

4- Keep in Mind that Change happens Both Offline and Online

You must transcend social media if you are running anything besides an awareness campaign. Social media is a definite game-changer – it allows you to get information to a larger number of people faster than ever before, target compassionate people that can help with your cause, and gain access to press, journalists, educators, industry gatekeepers, and more online.

Still, you must understand that if you are trying to improve peoples’ lives you must work with those people. It is as simple as that. Campaigning, activism, pushing for change – whatever you would like to call it, it is always about solidarity and community, which means that you will struggle if you are doing amazing work online while being disconnected from people in real life.

Get in the room with people. Don’t view social media as a replacement for traditional campaigning. Instead, view it as a tool for bolstering and a catalyst to traditional campaigning.

Vaping is it good or bad? Who to decide

Vaping / e-cigarette that was invented as a substitute of a cigarette and it did become very popular among all age groups in the world. However, at some occasions it has already been proven to have some harmful effects to human health and in spite the increase in number of deaths and vaping related health issues that are recorded from all over the world Sadly still the number of E-cigarette users is growing day by day.

Unfortunately,majority of the vape products are bought by our youth and its quite famous and very much liked by our young generation as which at some extent is justifiable as we live in a society that is well diverse and gradually enhancing in every sector and people are more open to new changes and are trying to adapt to the society. But that is not enough to deny the fact that it does affect us as human not just physically but mentally as well. Let’s try to learn some more about this trend.

Are there some Benefits of Vaping?

Yes, it is less harmful than smoking. And…….

  1. Less Nicotine.
  2. Smells and taste Better.
  3. Looks Cooler.
  4. Financial benefits.

A fewmore can be added to this list but is that still enough to justify its use? and let our loved one’s use it and suffer any potential illness.

What can one suffer at most?

Vaping Like any other kind of smoking related act has its harmsthat are not just limited to internal but external health as well.

How Vaping or use of E-cigarettecan be dangerous?

Vaping products sometimes can explode in one’s hand while using which can result into some serious facial injury sometimes.

Lung diseases are the most common reported illnesses related to vaping and most of the victims are youngsters. Use of E-cigarette damages mental health as well and is sometimes turning into addiction as its daily use can later develop a craving sense for vaping. It can affect the stamina of the person and make him /her dull and lazy.

Nicotineis something everyone is already familiar with so there is no need to talk much about that but the question that was asked in the beginning is that who is to decide that if One must consume any smoking product that can be harmful in so many ways that one cannot even expect of at times.

The answer is clear and but still If you are eager to find out…

‘’Look at the mirror and there’s the answer. ‘’

Yes, like any other decision is to be made by oneself not by someone or someone’s opinion for this certain question its us who must answer our self if vaping is any good for us and if it adds something essential to our lives.

Some Facts You Should Know About Bath Bomb Boxes

Nowadays, bath bombs have become a hot topic among most of the people. People of all age, whether old or young, all like to make their bath time amazing and refreshing. For this reason, they prefer bath bombs that come in different flavours. Even children love to have bath bombs in their bath time. It is because it makes their bath time amazing yet entertaining. These balls contain a beautiful scent and essential oils that are highly beneficial for your skin.

Bathbomb boxes are sensitive. Thus, they require a nice yet elegant packaging. The packaging that not only protects the bath bombs but makes them look amazing and attractive. Undoubtedly, custom bath bomb boxes can help in tackling this problem. These boxes come in unique and creative designs and styles in order to stand out ion market. Moreover, companies offer customisation options, as well. In this way, you can get these boxes according to your desire.

As you know, valentine’s day is at the door.  Are you finding difficulty in deciding what to gift to your special person on this day?  Do not worry. Everything has a solution. You can use bath bomb packaging for gift purposes as well. Gift a nice and luxurious looking bath bombs as a gift to your loved ones.  It will work as a token of your love. Get bath bomb box with different compartments to place multiple items in a single box. Additionally, you can also decorate the boxes with colourful ribbons and bows to give a charming look to the boxes.

Types of homemade bath bombs:

As you know, making bath bombs at home is not so difficult. Moreover, you can make different types of bath bombs at your home. It will help you in preventing the hassle of going to the supermarket to buy them. Also, you can easily make as per your choice. Given below are some types of homemade bath bombs:

  • Mermaid shell bath bombs
  • Green tea bath bombs
  • Tie-dye bath bomb
  • Hot chocolate bath bomb
  • Galaxy bath bombs

Mermaid shell bath bombs:

Mermaid shell bath bomb is handmade and provides a contemporary look to the bath bombs.

Additionally, the moisturising ingredients like coconut oil, avocado, and sweet almond oil provide and soothing effect. Moreover, natural and plant-determined ingredients are in use for making them to maintain a strategic distance from shading the tub.

Green tea bath bombs:

Lovers of green tea can make green tea bath bombs to please themselves. All you need is to include any green tea leaves and blend until it is flooding a little.

Tie-dye bath bombs:

Tie-dye bombs come in vibrant colours. Featuring a lot of colours, these bath bombs have a scent of complex child flower oil. Moreover, you can make custom tie-dye bath bombs in unique shape and design and use it for gift purpose.

Hot chocolate bath bombs:

People who are fond of chocolate can transform their bath into a fizzy cup of hot chocolate. It is excellent for the skin, as well. You can present hot chocolate bath bombs as a gift to chocolate lovers, as well.

Galaxy bath bombs:

Galaxy bath bombs are made of activated charcoal, which is very good for oily skin. It has highlights of gorgeous colours and takes you out of the world. Moreover, these are best for giving gifts to your loved ones.

Materials to protect bath bombs:

From the above information, you have come to know how delicate bath bombs are. Thus, to protect them from environmental harm, sweet and decent packaging is necessary.  Given below is a guide to eco-friendly bath bomb packaging ideas:

  • Kraft
  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated


Kraft is an eco-friendly material and help in lowering global warming from the world. Moreover, it is made of biodegradable material and is 100% recyclable. In spite of its recyclable nature, it ensures complete protection of the product. It’s thickness ranges from 14pt to 22pt. Besides, this material is cheaper than others, and the raw material for eco-friendly Kraft boxes is easily available in the market.

    • Cardboard

Cardboard is a material that comes from cellulose and wood fiber. Moreover, it is the thickest form of paper. Furthermore, you can convert it into any shape, size, and design. Cardboard have different types which are

  • Paper cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Double-wall cardboard
  • Triple wall cardboard

Simple paper cardboard is a paper material which you can assemble into any shape and size.

Moreover, corrugated cardboard contains multiple layers of flutes. Similarly, the double-wall cardboard has double flute layers in it. And triple cardboard has triple layers of flutes in it.

  • Cardstock

Cardstock is a form of cardboard. It is a thicker form of paper. Moreover, it is flexible enough that you can mould it into any dimensions. Mostly, 14pt thickness is in use for standard products and 12pt for lightweight products. Besides, these boxes have a smooth surface, and they can adopt any printing and colour on them.

  • Rigid:

Rigid is the stiffest material among all. It will break but will not bend out of its shape no matter how much pressure you will apply to it. Moreover, its minimum thickness is 32pt. Rigid boxes are made of cardboard and paperboard. It is in use only for mailing boxes, sleeve, and two-piece boxes.

  • Corrugated

This material is made up of flutes and two flat liner boards. The liner boards present in this material consists of paperboard and cardboard. The flutes which are available for these boxes are A, B, C, E, F. Moreover, customers can choose any flute according to their products. A flute is 5mm. Whereas, B flute is 3mm.

Similarly, C flute is 4 mm, and E flute is 1.5mm. Lastly, the F flute is 0.6mm. Mostly E flute in demand.

Among many other companies, PlusPrinters ( Custom Printed Boxes )is also proving boxes for bath bombs. You can check their website and reviews on social media for your satisfaction. Why don’t you give it a go?

8 Helpful Tips For Properly Moving Into A New Condo Apartment

If you’ve purchased a new condo in Thailand, then you’d be forgiven for making of making the mistake of thinking that the job is all done and dusted. In reality, you need to put a lot of thought and careful strategy into the shifting process. This is crucial to make sure that any last-minute disappointments are prevented.

So with that said, here we have accumulated a list of 8 helpful tips that will assist you before or during the home switching process. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Schedule:

Abstain from leaving anything until the latest possible time. Except if you need to get together and leave in a rush, odds are you have somewhere in the range of 30 and 60 days to make an arrangement and guarantee that moving day runs easily. Make a commencement list and order all that you have to achieve step by step.

Figure Out Your Move Procedure:

How are you going to get from direct A toward point B on moving day? For shorter moves, you’ll either need to amass some extremely pleasant companions with trucks or think about leasing a truck for the afternoon. On the off chance that you have a major family to move or you’ll be moving a long separation, you’ll need to cost out trucking organizations. Check smoke cautions and carbon monoxide identifiers:

Try not to rest a solitary night in your home without these protections set up. Before moving, head to your new residence with a container of batteries and test each smoke caution and carbon monoxide locator. On the off chance that your new home doesn’t have a carbon monoxide finder, get one at a home improvement store or from Amazon. At the point when you previously set it, do so outside so it gets a perfect perusing of natural air as its benchmark.

Keep the Children Engaged:

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Oscilloscope is useful single instrument invented for Electrical Measurement

Oscilloscope not only displays the voltage signals but other electrical and non electrical parameters can also be displayed using transducers. Transducers convert the physical phenomenon of interest into a physical quantity to a proportional voltage signal. This voltage signal represents the physical quantity of our interest. There are transducers for current, power, pressure, acceleration, temperature, displacement, strain, light and other physical quantities. This makes the oscilloscope a very useful tool in the field other than electronics.

Principle Of Working
It works not only on a single principle but it is a combination of MN several principles of basic sciences. Brief introduction of these principles is given below:

(i) Thermionic emission
This phenomenon was discovered by Thomas Edison in 1883 during his experiment on electric light bulbs. The librations of electrons from a hot surface is called thennionic emission. In oscilloscope a metal called cathode is heated to make the electrons to emit.

( ii) Electrostatic deflection
When an electron or a beam of electrons is passed between two plates providing electric field, it would behave in two ways:
(a) It would be attracted towards a positive plate.
(b) It would be repelled from a negative plate.

In this way in an oscilloscope, electron beam emitted from the cathode is deflected with the help of vertical and horizontal deflection & plates.

(iii) Fluorescence
The properly of a phosphor to emit light when its atoms arc excised is called fluorescence.
In Oscilloscope electron beam after deflection is made to strike a fluorescent screen. A light is emitted from spot when beam strikes.

(iv) Persistence of vision
The human eye retains an image for about 1/16 seconds after seeing it. This property of human eye is called persistence of vision. In an oscilloscope, the spot on the screen is moved so quickly that the path followed by the soot seems a solid line. If the beam moves on the same path at least 16 times in one second, the trace appears to the eye as a stable line.


Oscilloscope Basic Construction
Simplified block diagram of the basic oscilloscope is given. It has six basic sub-systems:

a) Calibrated attenuator
(b) Vertical amplifier
(c) Trigger circuit
(d) Time base circuit
(e) Horizontal amplifier
(f) CRT (cathode ray tube).

(a) Calibrated attenuator
The signal to be observed is fed to oscilloscope’s vertical input. It first passes through a calibrated input attenuator. It adjusts the vertical gain. The attenuator usually has a front-panel multi position switch calibrated in terms of volts/divisions.

(b) Vertical amplifiers
Then signal is magnified with the help of a vertical amplifier. This has fixed gain and a push-pull output stage which drives the vertical deflection plates with the required deflection voltage.

(c) Trigger circuit
For horizontal movement of beam, a circuit called trigger circuit is used. It initiates the sweep at a particular point in the waveform. It has two principal controls.
(i) Trigger level It selects the voltage at which the input signal initiates a sweep.
(ii) Slope It determines whether the sweep begins on the positive or negative going slope of waveform.
The combined effect of these controls permit the sweep to be triggered at any point in the waveform.

(d) Time base generator
It is the internal sweep generator of the oscilloscope. It provides a sawtooth waveform for the horizontal deflection of the trace. -The positive-going ramp of the sawtooth is linear. Slope of this waveform is controlled by lime/division front-panel control.

(e) Horizontal Amplifier
At the beginning of the ramp, the trace is automatically positioned at the left, of the screen. As the ramp voltage increases, the trace moves across the screen from left to right at a constant rate. At the end of the ramp, the trace is blanked and the trace rapidly returns to the left side of the screen and is ready for the next sweep to begin.
Horizontal amplifier The horizontal amplifier has a push pull output stage which drives the horizontal deflection plates. The input to the horizontal amplifier can he switched between two possible types of input signals. An external signal can he chosen as the input to the horizontal amplifier signal versus sweep voltage

A CRT consists of an evacuated glass envelope. Construction of CRT is as below. It consists of the following parts
(i) Heated cathode (K)
(ii) Control grid (G)
(iii) First Accelerating anode (H)
(iv) Focusing electrode (F)
(v) Second accelerating anode (A)
(vi) Vertical deflection plates
(vii) Horizontal deflection plates
(viii) Phosphor screen
(ix) The Graticule
(x) Aquadag coating

(i) Heated cathode (K)
It is heated with the help of an enclosed filament and it starts emitting electrons.

(ii) Control Grid (G)
It is a cylinder with a small hole in its end for the passage of electrons. Its voltage is controlled with the help of front-panel INTENSITY. The more it is negative with respect to cathode, the fewer electrons will get through it and less intense is the trace appearing on the screen. In this way intensity is controlled with it)

(iii) First accelerating anode
It is also disc or a cylinder with a small hole in its centre. It is kept at a + ve voltage with respect to cathode t6 give acceleration to the electrons which have passed through control grid.

(iv) Focusing electrode(F)
Focal point of the electron beam is controlled by adjusting the voltage on the focusing electrode (F) with respect to the accelerating anode. This voltage is adjusted with the help of front-panel FOCUS control.

(v) Second accelerating anode(A)
After passing through focusing electrode, the electrons pass through a second accelerating anode. It is biased at the high positive voltage with respect to the cathode.

(vi) Vertical deflection plates
These are two plates. One plate is positively charged while other is negatively charged. The electron is attracted towards the positive plate and is repelled by the negative plate. As a result, electron beam is deflected between these plates. The amount of deflection is directly proportional to the voltage difference between the plates. Vertical amplifier provides this deflection voltage.

(vii) Horizontal deflection plates
These plates are same as that of the vertical deflection plates but they control the deflection of beam horizontally.

(viii) Phosphor screen
The beam of electrons finally strikes the phosphor coated screen which emits light. The property of a phosphor to emit light when its atoms are excite is called fluorescence. The property of a phosphor to continue emitting light, after the source of excitation is removed, is called phosphorescence)

(ix)The Graticule
A rectangular grid, called a graticule is placed on the screen of a CRT to provide accurate measurements of signal voltages and time periods.

(ix) Aquadag coating
The inside of the conical part of the CRT is coated with a conductive material called aquadag. It provides.
(a) Shielding from stray electromagnetic field.
(b) Prevents light from striking back of the screen.
(c) It gathers any secondary electrons emitted when the high velocity electrons of the beam strike the phosphor.

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