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Facebook Ad Revenue Skyrocketing… But Will It Last?


A new study released by eMarketer has revealed that advertising revenue generated by Facebook has surpassed those of search powerhouses, Google and Yahoo.

With extraordinary growth especially in the international markets, Facebook continues to push full steam ahead as the most popular social networking website with over 500 million active users.

According to the study, Facebook’s domestic advertising revenue will total roughly $2.2 billion (2011). These figures represent an estimated, whopping 18% share of the display ad revenue across all websites. Revenue growth has exceeded previous year’s revenues by 34.4% and is predicted to outpace Google and Yahoo in the coming year. Comparatively, Google shares explosive revenue growth to Facebook.

With Facebook ad revenue projected to grow by 80.9%, one can only question– Is the growth sustainable even when users are leaving Facebook?

Anatomy of a Computer Virus


What does typography, animation and a computer virus have in common? Well, check out this beautifully composed video animation of Stuxnet, the first discovered malware designed to subvert industrial systems. This was essentially the first weapon made entirely of code.

Anatomy of a Computer Virus

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