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This gallery contains 21 photos.

In the edit post pane, you can click on the “Add Media” icon.  This will open up a media modal window.  Near the top left of the media modal window, it will say “Insert Media / Create Gallery / Set … Continue reading

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Mathjax test post

We have the mathjax plugin installed that allows anyone blogging with us to use LaTeX notation.  In order to use it, you have to enable the plugin and then tell the plugin that you are using notation in that post so that it will load the appropriate libraries.

You can tell the mathjax plugin this by including a shortcode. For example, [latex]E=mc^2[/latex] will work out of the box. This also forces loading of mathjax.

Using that notation, that would make this:
Einstein said [latex]E=mc^2[/latex]. Thats a lot of [latex]E[/latex] no?.

Look like this:
Einstein said \(E=mc^2\). Thats a lot of \(E\) no?.

A second notation would be to load mathjax in the page by adding the [mathjax] shortcode and then using the native LaTeX syntax of surrounding the LaTeX with $$.


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youtube embed

Using a Beebs “tribute” to show how to embed a youtube video.

This used [embed width="450"][/embed]. There is also more info on WP embeds at the WP codex.

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Got to love em!

This used the now outdated method of [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]. The method that you should use now is the post above with the Justin Bieber tribute. That method uses the standard link that WP recognizes.

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Ethan Zuckerman on Media Cloud from Nieman Journalism Lab on Vimeo.

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test music embed

test of a inline mp3: Download

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Test video embed

Anarchy Baby 🙂

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A new post

On a renamed blog.

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proxy test

making sure that posting via proxy works…

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xml backup test

testing generation of xml backup files…

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