Belated Black History Month.

Harriet Tubman House, Roxbury, Massachusetts - as seen from Massachusetts Avenue.

I’m a day late and more than a dollar short celebrating Black History Month. I started this project in February 2005 and it’s still not done. The page became an orphan [no inbound links] when I added pages. It was the beginning of the Iraq Veterans against the War tour and in April there was the Desiree Goodwin vs. Harvard trial. I was essentially trying to blog with bare html. It gives you a lot of freedom, but you have to keep track of everything yourself. If you get distracted – orphan pages. Three essays, High Cotton, Phd from the Edge of Hell , and Peeking Across the Color Line, are still unfinished. [Constructive comments might help me finish them.] I’ve spent a good part of my adult life on the back of the bus. I’ve learned from the people I’ve met there.

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