Sidney leaves us: a sentiment unsent.

Sidney was a big picture guy. I wrote this in March of 2005 not long after the Sidneyfest. I wasn’t sure if it was good enough to publish. I wasn’t at all close to Sidney so I don’t know if a lesson applies. If you are close to someone, the lesson is simple, but comes in two parts;

1. Shower the people you love with love. – Sweet Baby James

2. Do it while you can. – the guy who makes windows

In theory, some things could have been said better, but not by me(3/18/05). As for Où allons-nous? The incompleteness or incompletability of theoretical physics doesn’t matter. The incompleteness of political economic theory does. Economic engineers, mistakenly called ‘policy makers’, have gone to treacherous lengths to conceal this. Their willingness to use any weapon, whether “smart” or merely brutal, is leading us to rack and ruin. Despite some gestures otherwise, we’re still “staying the course.” The gestures were just head fakes.

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