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A Meeting

Posted in Uncategorized on March 1st, 2007

I thought the years would melt away,

I thought the smiles were true.

But then I saw we’d pulled apart,

And saw that Fate was cruel.


Changes! whispered every word,

As I felt my heart descend.

Flashes blink lights from the past

And to darkness they ascend.


I saw with eyes I had not owned,

And thought I was content.

Bu now I see with bitter truth,

That sight is always bent.


The motions of encountering a ghost from the past are untraceable. Hope rages, fear lurks, and elation and depression in turn will have their course. Change is inevitalbe, but we refuse to see it coming, and are always surprised when it rears its head. In the headiness of elation, we become giddy and silly, the emotions of the moment compensating for the hurt they can temporarily smother. In the throes of depression, we become whinging poetic hypocrites, victims of drama and bombast. Then we see the truth: we never saw at all. We have always lied. Each lie grows and conquers and yet we mistake it for truth. Love truly can be so blind.