Next stop, Hogwarts

Last week, when I wrote my post about Harry Potter and adult readers, I wished that I could address j’s final point about how the series has fostered discussion among adults, young adults, and children in ways that other books have not. Unfortunately, since the young people in my life have either outgrown or were never interested in the Harry Potter books and movies, I did not have any personal examples to share.

Then, this Saturday, I found myself seated on the T next to a father and son on their way to see the Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix movie. The father was as excited about the movie as the son, it seemed. Although the father, as a non-native English speaker, was struggling with the characters’ names, he knew the plots of all of the books and movies and was happy to reenact favorite scenes with his son.

Ordinarily, I would be annoyed about people talking and laughing loudly on the subway. But, this time I smiled. When I looked around the subway car, my fellow passengers were smiling as well. For a moment, I wondered if I had discovered and boarded the train at Boston’s own Platform 9 3/4.