This site is a weblog that seriously, yet playfully, explores children’s literature, printing and paper history, rare books, and related topics. Below, you will find information about this site and its author. Welcome, again, and enjoy!

Who is the Playful Antiquarian?

The Playful Antiquarian is a librarian, book collector, and general bibliophile, with a passion for children’s literature, illustrated books, and printed ephemera and an interest in digital representations of the printed word and the relationship between bibliography and technology.

What Happened to Thinking While Typing and The Paper Doll Chronicles?

“Thinking While Typing” and “The Paper Doll Chronicles” are no longer at this site. Some entries from those earlier weblogs are in the archives of this site (and cached on Google, the Internet Archive, and elsewhere).

Acknowledgements and Disclaimers

This weblog is part of the Berkman Center Weblogs at Harvard Law project.

The quote in the tagline is taken from Louisa May Alcott’s Work: A Story of Experience. The full text of this classic book is available online at Project Gutenberg and other sites and in libraries worldwide, of course.

The thoughts expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Harvard University or any other institution with which the author is affiliated.