First impressions

Sofia is a town not entirely devoid of charm, which came as a bit of a surprise upon arrival. I was expecting a post-communist sprawl, but there are cobblestones, there are rows of cars perched nervously on the sidewalks, there is a small-city bustle amongst the potato and zucchini stalls.

Now that the strain of the predictably unpleasant three-legged flight is beginning to fade off, I’m getting a better touch on the Balkan feel of the place. The city is almost entirely devoid of tourist presence–there is very little to see–which is nice. People go about their business and don’t take much notice of Hazel and I, who with our blond hair and modest noses don’t exactly blend in. It gives the city a sort of honest vitality that is difficult to find in more touristy places.

Our window looks out on the construction site directly adjacent to the hotel, although to tell the truth I haven’t seen any actual construction going on. Not exactly the honeymoon vista one imagines in one’s tender years, but what of it? Most likely we’re going to head out of town tomorrow, south, into the mountains.

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