The Blitz

One of our greatest adventures happened this morning by accident.  We walked out to the Monastery parking lot to find out when the bus to Rila village was and after much watch-pointing, bus-mimicking, no-nodding, and yes-shaking we gathered that we had just missed the bus and that the next one wasn’t for 7 hours.  Looking dismayed, a nice Greek couple offered to take us aboard their car if we didn’t mind sitting with their dog.  The dog was cute enough so we grabbed our stuff and hitched the ride.  We drove Euro-speed down the mountain to Rila where our Macedonian speaking chauffeurs asked two local women for the bus to Blagoevgrad.  One pointed one way and the other pointed in the opposite direction.  After some more words exchanged and some giggle on both side, they agreed that it was behind us.  We turned around and they dropped us off just up a hill from where we thought the bus station was. 

As we were pulling our bags out of their car a bus lumbered up the hill and Steve and I both craned to see the sign on its front.  This is not an easy task you see: we have to decode the Cyrillic.  We managed to get b…l…  and figured this was our bus and started running down the road after it.  The bus stopped, we climbed aboard, and sat down.  Looking out the window I saw the nice Greek man who had just dropped us off shaking his head and smiling–“those crazy Americans”.  45 minutes later, we pulled into Blagoevgrad, got a taxi to the recommended hotel, and found ourselves in an upscale room with a hot shower, throne toilet, and a bed with springs and a board! 

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